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How A Grassroots Campaign Called Upon the World to #StopFundingHate

Stop Funding Hate has had a huge impact on media racism since 2016. Their grassroots strategy empowers ordinary consumers worldwide to push brands they love to stop funding problematic media coverage in notorious tabloids such as The Daily Mail and The Sun. We recently spoke to Richard Wilson, the Director and co-founder of Stop Funding Hate, to find out more.


"Not On Our Soil" - How Australian Media Fans the Flames of Islamophobia

What happened in Christchurch is a tragic example of what happens when these beliefs are channeled into action. As the Sydney Opera House glimmers with a projection of New Zealand’s flag in solidarity with the victims, we must not forget the role that Australian national media has played in creating the kinds of Islamophobic narratives that led to the mass murder of 49 Muslims in prayer.


IPSO Has Responded to Our Open Letter--By Doubling Down. Here Is Our Rebuttal

Last month, Media Diversity Institute and Hacked Off wrote IPSO an open letter, calling upon them to review how they evaluate complaints. Since then, we have received hundreds of signatures, and a response from the regulator. Add your support, and check out our rebuttal here.


Fighting for Representation on Our Keyboards

Sure, it's great that Apple is finally unrolling thirteen new emoji representing a range of disabilities. At long last, there is more representation than just the wheelchair emoji. But why has it taken so long? Ace Tilton Ratcliff breaks down the need for greater inclusion--and not just on the keyboard.


Media Diversity Institute's MAMIL Project To Be Recognized at #EUMediaLiteracyWeek

MDI is thrilled to share that our “Media Literacy in the Age of News Overabundance” (MAMIL) project in Macedonia has been selected by the European Commission as one of the top ten media and information literacy projects in Europe.


Are Search Engines Racist? It's All About Who Creates the Algorithm

Algorithms are often considered unbiased, technological entities that exist and operate outside of society. However, the exact opposite is true. Natalie Holmes breaks down how humans consciously or unconsciously encode their biases, and this impacts the results of the algorithms that dictate decisions we make.


Google in Russian: What Does An Algorithm Say About Bias?

Last year, Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr investigated and revealed the extent of Google's algorithmic games. MDI's Mikhail Yakovlev re-did the experiment, only this time in Russian.


Steve Bannon: To Platform or Not to Platform?

NewsXChange Edinburgh invited Steve Bannon as a speaker so that journalists could hold him to account. However, some argue that the invitation is just another way for the rightwing to have a platform for hate speech.


Can Brazilians Use Internet Humour and Memes to Fight Bolsonaro's Hate Speech?

As Brazilians, we are dead serious about our memes. But when right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro used memes to win the elections, we realized that our beloved memes can have a far more serious impact on our country—and potentially manipulate us into making poor decisions. How about we use our creativity to fight hate speech instead of laughing at it?