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Fighting Discrimination in Russia through Tolerant and Inclusive Reporting

MDI in Russia - Stories from Four Regions


MA Diversity and the Media - Apply Now

A highly innovative course by MDI & the University of Westminster, UK.


Call for Experts to Join Media4change

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Reporting Ethnicity & Religion Study


South Sudan People’s Voice


Media in Sri Lanka: from Division to Inclusion?

Ahead of 17 August Parliamentary elections, MDI team visited Sri Lanka where two different ethnic and religious narratives still exist and women are nowhere to be seen in the newsrooms. The island remains heavily divided and except from the English language media, no other newsrooms have Sinhalese and Tamil journalists working together.


Get the Trolls Out! MDI to Counter Anti-Semitism

The recently launched MDI project “Get the trolls out!” will counter incidents of anti-Semitic speech with arts, satire, and fact-based messages all across Europe. Young people, especially vulnerable to dangerous ignorance and indifference about anti-Semitic attitudes, will be engaged in this programme.


Egypt Homosexuality Debate: Luxury or Breaking a Taboo?

After same-sex marriage was legalised in the U.S., some Facebook users around the world painted their profile pictures in rainbow colours. Some of them were based in Egypt. There were also many who protested by sharing Qura’an verses and asking if debating homosexuality online is a luxury in a post-conflict society such as Egypt.


MDI Western Balkans for More Transparent High Education

New project by MDI Western Balkans aims to tackle the issue of corruption at the University of Belgrade and to inform general public on its key findings. Most of the media in Serbia report on this issue through individual cases of alleged corruption, but MDI has a goal to introduce more in-depth reporting based on facts and expert analysis.


Richard Dawkins, the Liberator of Women?

Renowned atheist and writer Richard Dawkins says 'Islam needs a feminist revolution'. Chicago Now condemned Muslim feminists’ outrage on social media, while only the Huffington Post decided to ask some Muslim women for an opinion. An activist Linda Sarsour said she was ‘tired of non-Muslims commenting on what Islam is or isn't.’


Who's Afraid of Miniskirts?

Two Moroccan women wearing miniskirts were charged with indecency when they were stopped by the merchants. Not long after this incident many Moroccan women's associations organised an online campaign and petition, as well as protests in several Moroccan cities to show the solidarity amongst women and to fight for their right to be dressed as they wish.


Cameron - Combating Extremism or Attacking Freedom of Speech?

Some critical voices in the UK media, as it seems, considered Cameron’s speech and anti-extremism plan as a way to stigmatise and further marginalise British Muslims, while restricting freedom of speech and failing to address UK foreign policy and domestic inequality as catalysts for extremism.


EaP Media Conference on Russian Propaganda in Riga

'What is evident is that Kremlin is doing its best to win ‘hearts and minds’ not only of the Russian speaking neighbours but internationally too, through its media such as TV Russia Today. International community should avoid mistakes from the Balkan wars,' said MDI Milica Pesic at the First Eastern Partnership Media Conference in Riga.


Reporting from the Sahara on Dune Voices Website

There have been more than 100 articles published on Dune Voices website and republished in many other media outlets. Covering the topics of marginalised groups and minorities in the region of the Sahara, forgotten by the mainstream media in Mali, Mauritania, Libya, Morocco and Algeria, Dune Voices has become a source of an accurate, independent and diverse reporting.


Story of MDI in 8 Minute Film

Watch the video that pays tribute to MDI's work and its 15 years of promoting diversity in the media. The short film made by the independent film maker Rani Khanna, features MDI trainers, trainees, students and staff who contributed to the promotion of a more inclusive media with projects all around the globe.