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UK TV and Film: Mind the (Gender) Gap

Only one in ten film directors in the UK are women. Those female directors, who are the most employed women in the British film industry, are at the bottom of the lists when both genders are represented. Professions like filmmaking, screenwriting and editing remain largely dominated by men. Women are left in charge of make-up, casting and costume departments, traditionally regarded as female domains.


Rage or Race: US Media on Ferguson

After the US Grand Jury decided not to indict the police officer who shot Michael Brown, majority of the media described Ferguson as a place of riots, looting, anger and destruction. Many have criticised the media for the coverage without the context and for the stigmatisation of the black community, while some commentators focus on racism and racial inequalities.


Unwanted: Refugees & Migrants in the Maghreb

‘Welcome, Ebola and AIDS’ and ‘Africans create their Republic’ – these are just some of the headlines in the Algerian media about refugees and migrants. The participants at the roundtable debate on ‘Media Coverage of Refugees in the Maghreb’ organized by MDI in Algiers, concluded that most of the media use the generalisations and stereotypes when reporting on the issue.


Immigrants as 'Aliens' for the Right-Wing Media

After President Obama introduced the plan for about 5 million people to temporarily stay in the US, the right-wing media called the immigrants "threatening aliens" and accused them, once again, of “stealing jobs, costing taxpayers and being responsible for overcrowded schools and hospitals”. Not so many media outlets reported on the positive impact of new immigrant workers.


2+2=5? The Misleading Media Interpretation

The differences in reading the data and statistics related to migration is a chronic problem of the UK press. In the case of the latest study on the economic impact of migration to Britain, published by CReAM at University College London (UCL), some of the tabloids and conservative press twisted the findings and turned them from positive into negative ones.


Armenia: A Vulnerable Place for LGBT Community

Armenian court failed to take measures against newspaper “Iravnuk”, which had published a ‘blacklist’ of Armenians connected to the LGBT community labelling them as 'enemies of the nation'. Representatives of civil society in Armenia united their voices against discrimination and hate promoting speeches in the media.


“Their Feast”

Egyptian filmmaker Reem Morsi recently featured her short film at BBC Arabic Film and Documentary Festival Aan Korb. The film, supported by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI), tells the story of Amaal, an ex-political prisoner and struggling mother facing hardships in post-Moubarak Egypt.


MDI to partner with Chinese University

Sun Yat-Sen University from Beijing and the Media Diversity Institute are to develop a joint Inclusive Journalism and Social Harmony Programme aimed at encouraging a culture and forum among the region’s media actors, journalism educators and civil society organizations.


Story of MDI in 8 Minute Film

Watch the video that pays tribute to MDI's work and its 15 years of promoting diversity in the media. The short film made by the independent film maker Rani Khanna, features MDI trainers, trainees, students and staff who contributed to the promotion of a more inclusive media with projects all around the globe.