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to run its Regional Programme covering Morocco, Mali, Algeria, Lybia and Mauritania and to be based in any of these countries or in the EU.

Please apply here. The deadline is 8 August 2014.

Development Director Position

MDI is seeking an experienced Development Director

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Fighting Discrimination in Russia through Tolerant and Inclusive Reporting

MDI in Russia - Stories from Four Regions


MA Diversity and the Media - Apply Now

A highly innovative course by MDI & the University of Westminster, UK.


Call for Experts to Join Media4change

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Reporting Ethnicity & Religion Study


South Sudan People’s Voice


BBC Diversity Plan Criticised

The BBC has recently announced new measures in order to improve the representation of the black, Asian and minority ethnic community. The BBC is ready to dedicate a £2.1m towards the diversity creative talent fund. But many have been asking if 'the good intention of the BBC are enough' and how to translate this vision into reality by having more managers and senior stuff from the BAME community.


Latinos Missing from the US media

American media has not reflected the increase of Latinos in the country, so the lack of Latino characters continues to be latent in films, series and TV shows. According to the Columbia University research, on television and in movies, Latinos continue to be represented through old stereotypes, primarily as criminals, law enforcers, cheap labour workers or sexual objects.


Media Advocacy Campaigns for the Algerian CSOs

“There are many needs in Tindouf, western Algeria. It is far away from the capital which is a challenge”, says Bentaher who runs a project funded by UNHCR and provides psycho-social support and development training for young people. Bentaher was one of the 17 participants from different NGOs at the Media Diversity Institute workshop on media advocacy campaigning.



“Bastards”, a documentary film by the award-winning Deborah Pekin, follows the life of Rabha who fights for the recognition of her forced marriage and a status of her daughte rby the Moroccan state. In many Muslim countries children born outside marriage are illegal and bear the stigma of a “bastard”.


World Cup Not for Girls

Most of the adverts feature only men watching and enjoying football with, sometimes in the background, usually half-naked, slim and mostly light-skinned women. Once again, media and advertising agencies have spread not only some of the negative stereotypes about different nations competing in the World Cup, but also gender prejudices and stereotypes.


Fox News Viewers against Immigrants?

The results of a new survey by PRRI in the US show that the 60% of Republicans who trust Fox News the most, consider immigrants as a burden for America. Trusting Fox News has been proclaimed the number one predictor for someone to be opposed to the idea of immigrants becoming US citizens.


Last Chance to Apply for MA Diversity and the Media

The application process for the MA Diversity and the Media 2014/15 at the Westminster University is still open. There are number of scholarships available for this highly innovative course developed in cooperation with the Media Diversity Institute to give students an opportunity to analyse the role of the media in social construction.


Story of MDI in 8 Minute Film

Watch the video that pays tribute to MDI's work and its 15 years of promoting diversity in the media. The short film made by the independent film maker Rani Khanna, features MDI trainers, trainees, students and staff who contributed to the promotion of a more inclusive media with projects all around the globe.