Thousands and one voices: the south of the world seen by media, between reality and representation PDF Print

Keywords: Middle East, Africa, South America, South Eastern Europe, Italian, journalism, media, stereotypes, education, information, ACRA, online

Thousands and one voices is an essays and interviews’ compilation, made by foreigner journalists and by experts in information and media languages. They report a series of experiences whose aim is to tell to readers about the south of the world, trying to overcome its stereotyped representations.

Also, this book intends to show both the pedagogical, positive role of the media and also the propagandistic and violent aspects which can derive from an incorrect use of the information tools.

Tags: All Resources Books & Publications All Types of Diversity Ethnicity-Race-National Identity Roma & Travellers Religion & Belief Gender Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Refugees-Asylum Seekers-Migrants Disability & Mental Illness Older People Children & Youth Socially Disadvantaged Groups AIDS & Health All Regions South Eastern Europe (incl. Greece & Turkey) Middle East & North Africa Africa (Sub-Saharan) South America & Caribbean