Tobacco Girls’ article wins award


MDI Trainee makes Front Page of Moroccan Le Soir


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mdi-debate-thumbThe ‘Debate’ section is split into three main parts:

  • Debate Forum
  • Debate & Comment Archive
  • Blogs


The ‘Debate Forum’ provides a space for the media & diversity community to debate the latest issues from the field. MDI will create debates when there is a topical issue to be discussed but, users of the website are also allowed to create their own debates here.

The ‘Debate & Comment Archive’ brings together in one place all of the debate and comment on important issues/events from the media & diversity field that happen online. For example, the discussions about the Danish cartoon controversy in 2005. This serves as a resource for those interested in such debates.

The ‘Blogs’ section provides a blogging platform for the media & diversity community. Users of the website can either create their own blogs on the website or create links to their already existing blogs outside of the website.