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The ‘Trainers’ section contains a list of trainers who have asked for their details to be publicised on the MDI website, and is meant to serve as a resource for those looking for trainers.

It is divided into trainers recommended by MDI and those with whom MDI has not yet worked and therefore cannot recommend (Other Trainers).

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Keywords: Media, communications and community cohesion, reporting of diverse communities, local government relations with media around cohesion and diversity issues, Prague, Vienna, Bucharest and Morocco

Nick Carter is a consultant on media, communications and cohesion and has particular experience around the reporting of diversity and inequality. He spent 34 years in the British regional newspaper industry – 22 of them editing major titles. His last editorship was at the Leicester Mercury – during which time the newspaper became recognised internationally for its ground-breaking work in supporting the development of Leicester as a cohesive and harmonious multicultural city.

Nick has worked with newspapers, broadcasters, local authorities and other organisations. He has worked with the MDI at conferences and seminars for media decision makers in London (2004 & 2010), Vienna (2005), Prague (2009), Rabat (2009) and Bucharest (2010). He has worked with the British Council on community cohesion conferences in Vienna (2004) and Manchester (2009).

Currently he is the executive chair of Prospect Leicestershire, the economic development company set up in 2009 to work on regeneration, inward investment and business partnerships to support the economy of Leicester and Leicestershire.

Nick Carter’s CV