The report of the OSCE high level meeting on “Confronting Anti-Semitism in Public Discourse”, Prague,23-24 March 2011 PDF Print

The meeting provided a forum for representatives of OSCE participating States, the media, and political and civil society actors to discuss sensitive issues related to anti-Semitism in public discourse and to share best practices. A total of 164 participants registered, including 51 civil society representatives. Participants came from 36 participating States.

The meeting took place in the framework of the OSCE’s ongoing efforts to promote international co-operation to combat anti-Semitism. These efforts have yielded positive results, in particular in response to hate crimes, which are the most insidious form of anti-Semitism.

Despite these efforts, expressions of anti-Semitism in public discourse remain a serious issue of concern in the OSCE region. Manifestations of anti-Semitism exacerbate hostile attitudes towards Jews and have the potential to fuel anti-Semitic incidents. Expressions of anti-Semitism in public discourse have not gathered the attention they deserve throughout the OSCE region, and often governments have been slow in responding or have failed to respond properly.

The report also includes recommendations made by participants addressed to a variety of actors, including OSCE participating States and OSCE institutions and field operations, as well as other international organizations, civil society organizations and the media.

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