Policies and practices for teaching sociocultural diversity - Diversity and inclusion: challenges for teacher education PDF Print

This fourth and final volume of the series of publications from the Council of Europe project Policies and Practices for Teaching Sociocultural Diversity (2006-09) includes case studies presented at the final conference held in Oslo (Norway) from 26 to 28 October 2009. These concrete examples illustrate the conditions of implementation and adaptation to national contexts of the "Framework of teacher competences for engaging with diversity", which is one of the final products of the project. The competences, which break down into three main groups, namely "Knowledge and Understanding", "Communication and Relationships" and "Management and Teaching", encourage future teachers to reflect on and identify their own personal positions, in various environments, in order to develop a clearer sense of their ethnic and cultural identities and to examine their attitudes vis-à-vis different groups of students.





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