“Media Matters”, publication launched by “The Global Forum for Media Development” PDF Print

The Global Forum for Media Development has launched a publication “Media Matters – GFMD 2009-2011” setting out its arguments for making media a central part of development policy and highlighting how the GFMD has created real co-operation within the media development sector.

“Media Matters – GFMD 2009-2011” looks at how free, independent media have a positive impact on economic development and good governance; it raises issues of new technology and what that means for media development and it offers new approaches to evaluating the impact of media assistance work.

The publication includes articles by Mark Nelson of the World Bank Institute, William Orme of the UN Human Development Report, Aidan White and others.

An electronic version is available online at the GFMD web site: http://tinyurl.com/d739oqn

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