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Association des journalistes LGBT (AJL) promotes a better and fairer coverage of LGBT issues in French media. Last year, the numerous debates on homosexual marriage revealed that many stereotypes exist about the LGBT community in French media. It, furthermore, uncovered that there is a need for a better understanding of the issue. French LGBT journalists as well as AJL, therefore, decided to create this guide for better media coverage of LGBT community.

This guide focuses on the correct way to report on LGBT issues, such as how to choose clear and correct terminologies. It also reveals the necessity to think about some discriminative expressions widely used by the media. It remains journalists not to hide social realities and to get rid of the idea of “normality”, which automatically places certain people under the “abnormality” label. This guide consists of chapters on how the media should approach the coverage of AIDS and HIV, how sexism and homophobia are usually linked, as well as a chapter on the heterogeneity of the LGBT population, and finally, an interview with a lawyer who specialises in press law.

Informer sans Discriminer [FR]

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