Media for Social Change – Kafunda Stage Scripts PDF Print

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Beginning in 1995, a series of mass media and community level activities have been conducted to deliver the campaign message, "Safer sex or AIDS: The choice is in your hands." for the AIDS prevention campaign for young men and women in Uganda. Mass media materials include posters, Straight Talk newsletters, radio spots, and a weekly radio programme for youth in English and three vernacular languages. In April 1996 the project began broadcasting weekly radio program produced in English, Luganda and Runyankole, the program incorporates an ongoing serial drama called "Kafunda Stage", popular music, and answers to listeners' letters by Dear Auntie (for girls) and Dear Big Brother (for boys). This binder includes scripts for "Kafunda Stage" radio drama.

alt KAFUNDA Stage - script 2 [EN].pdf

alt KAFUNDA Stage - script 3 [EN].pdf

alt KAFUNDA Stage - script 4 [EN].pdf

alt KAFUNDA Stage - Script 5 [EN].pdf

alt KAFUNDA Stage - script [EN].pdf

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