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Keywords: English, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Dutch, Norwegian, German, race, ethnicity, media ethics and diversity, initiatives and projects, online, resources for NGOs, media organizations, community/minority media

XenoCLIPse is an action-research, a project about race, media and empowerment.
After the successful experience of the consortium’s first collaboration, eCLIPse, the need for a new project involving ethnic minorities as a main target group became clear. This time we would have to go beyond the institutional context of the university, and involve members of (ethno-cultural) minorities through their presence in the media, both as objects and as subjects of information. On the other hand, this new project envisaged empowerment through creating access to new technologies for immigrants and minorities. Our main tool is digital video and its distribution on the net. The idea is to allow people who have difficulties accessing new media and technologies to make and distribute their own information in an easy way and to pass on this knowledge and skills to their peers.


Tags: All Resources Media Content All Types of Diversity Ethnicity-Race-National Identity All Regions All Europe Western Europe Eastern Europe (incl. Russia) South Eastern Europe (incl. Greece & Turkey) Caucasus Region Middle East & North Africa Africa (Sub-Saharan) North America South America & Caribbean Rest of the World