Intercultural Media Education / Chancen und Perspektiven interkultureller Medienpädagogik (only in German) PDF Print

Keywords: International, Western Europe, Germany, German, entertainment education, education, study, children & youth, immigration, socially disadvantaged groups, media development, community/minority media, media content, resource for all, print, online

Given the youth riots in France in autumn 2005, also in Germany the debate on migration and integration grows. In this context, Horst Niesyt lectures on self-understanding and goals of intercultural media work. Here he goes to the question of just how children and young people from socially and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds and offers ways of how intercultural media education can be achieved. Practical examples of research illustrate the conceptual thinking on a subject-oriented media work with children and young people from migration contexts. The article appears in the GMK-Series (2006).

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