How the Media views Immigration and Transmits Diversity / Como miran los medios la inmigración y transmiten la diversidad (only in Spanish) PDF Print

Keywords: Western Europe, Spain, Spanish, diversity, migrants, ethnicity, race & national identity, study, media ethics & diversity, resource for academics and trainers, print, online

This study shows certain information ligaments between treatment and projection of diversity, using some results of investigations carried out from the Center for Migration and Communication of the UAB, MIGRACOM ( Tracks are qualified to enter the quantitative different reality from different points of view, derived from the production, transmission and receipt of messages with the aim of finding answers to questions such as what model or models of social and cultural diversity means being transmitted from that ‘multipolar’ Eurocentric look? Is this how the power of communication active or are germinating new racist attempt to portray the reality that which, starting from the realistic arrival of some migrants in small boats?

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