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Watch Out, 2020! What Media Trends Should You Keep An Eye On? PDF Print

10 January 2020

Country: Global

by: Jeremy Ullman

Screen_Shot_2020-01-10_at_2.16.28_PMThe roaring twenties have just begun. We have left behind a decade where online media morphed from being about sharing holidays snaps and poking our Facebook friends, to a defining influence of global politics, social conversations and our mental and emotional wellbeing. Big tech has become the player in the changing nature of journalism and media content, and smart phones have become an essential tool for engaging in the modern world. It has both opened up the door for greater representation in media and more media platforms, and increasing hate speech and disinformation that weaken the public’s trust in media, and threaten to erase all of its positive work.

With great power comes great responsibility—and the pressure is on Big Tech to act responsibly to curtail disinformation and limit its influence over politics, and be a force for good when it comes to media and diversity. Whether it chooses to engage in or ignore these issues will be a defining influence over the intersections of media, technology and our lives during the next decade.

#AustraliaBushFire: Where Are The Indigenous Voices? PDF Print

10 January 2020

Country: Australia

by: Anna Lekas Miller

ENbTqjjUwAEyVyWOver the past month, more than 150 wildfires have ripped through the continent of Australia, killing twenty-four people and displacing more than 2,000 in a catastrophic blaze that can be spotted from outer space.

Many local and international media outlets are on the ground covering evacuation efforts, framing the story as undeniable proof that the impact of climate change is not only happening, but happening now. If you search #AustraliaBushFires on social media, there are numerous articles on the one billion animals who have died in the fires, and repeated calls for support for the volunteer fire fighters who have flown out to Australia to help contain the fire. At the Golden Globes, actors made awards speeches that begged their fans to keep Australia in their hearts.


Instagram: A Place For Indian Students To Organize Against Facism PDF Print

9 January 2020

Country: India

by: Gopika Shaji

1600px-Locals_in_New_Delhi_protest_against_CAA_CAB_NRCWhen Indian police fired teargas at students at Jamia Millia Islamia University campus on the night of Decemeber 15th 2019, social media--specifically Instagram stories--went wild with live video recordings of the incident.

The students were protesting the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)—a recently-passed piece of legislation which fast tracks Indian citizenship for refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh—as long as they aren’t Muslim.

Iraq Is Once Again In The Headlines. What About Iraqis? PDF Print

8 January 2020

Country: Iraq

by: Anna Lekas Miller

BaghdadIt feels almost impossible to avoid scaremongering headlines predicting an imminent war in the Middle East.

It didn’t take long for the speculating to begin. Within a few hours of US President Donald Trump assassinating Qassem Soleimani—the second in command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the head of the Al Quds force at Baghdad International Airport, almost everyone had a hot take. Some mocked the US President for not knowing who Qassem Soleimani was before he took office. Others berated him for murdering one of the top commanders responsible for eradicating the so-called Islamic State from the region.

On Twitter, #WWIII has been trending. After President Trump tweeted that he wanted to bomb Iranian cultural sites—a tactic shockingly similar to that of ISIS—many social media users started tweeting about #IranianCulturalSites, another plea not to go to war with Iran.

TikTok, China and the World: A Complex Relationship PDF Print

7 January 2019

Country: Global

By: Eline Jeanné

TikTok_ElineArticle“Hi guys, I’m going to teach you guys how to get long lashes”, Feroza Aziz says to the camera whilst holding up an eyelash curler. This is not a regular makeup tutorial though, as Ms. Aziz continues: “Use your phone that you’re using right now to search up what’s happening in China, how they’re getting concentration camps, throwing innocent Muslims in there, separating their families from each other, kidnapping them, murdering them, raping them, forcing them to eat pork, forcing them to drink.” The video, which has over 890.000 likes, was posted on popular video-sharing platform TikTok and was removed from Ms. Aziz’s account. According to TikTok, this removal was a mistake and due to a past video on Ms. Aziz’s; however, many people have speculated that the video was removed due to the subject matter: Xinjiang and the detention of Muslim Uyghurs in the Chinese region.

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform but has quickly risen in popularity, mainly amongst young people. It is a platform where users can share and consume short-form mobile videos and TikTok’s mission, in their words, is to “inspire creativity and bring joy.” It was the 4th most downloaded app worldwide in the second quarter of 2019, and has an average of 500 million monthly active users. TikTok is a Chinese-owned application and was launched by Chinese technology company ByteDance in 2017. ByteDance had at that point already launched a similar application within China called Douyin, which is still popular in the country today.

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