Gender "Inclusive" Initiatives Like 50:50 Ignore Trans and Non-Binary Media Workers PDF Print

4 June 2019

Country: UK

by: Mikhail Yakovlev

rainbow-pride-2019Over the past few years, the BBC’s reputation for fair and high-quality journalism was undermined when it came out that it was treating its women employees rather unfairly. First, the gender pay gap scandal broke in 2017. BBC’s top paid men were earning in the millions, while their women counterparts were earning less than half of that. Next, BBC China editor Carrie Gracie famously quit when she discovered that the international editors (who were men) earned 50 percent more than her and her women colleagues.

Since then, the BBC has made long overdue strides in addressing its gender disparity problem, from promising greater transparency about the gender pay gap to implementing initiatives like the 50:50 project, which ensure that talk shows host equal numbers of men and women as experts.

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