Have Russian Media Forgotten Anna Politkovskaya’s Legacy? PDF Print

5 November 2019

Country: Russia

By: Mikhail Yakovlev

AnnaP_MDILast month, journalists around the world marked the tragic anniversary of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya’s death, thirteen years ago. On 6 October 2006, Anna Politkovskaya, who served as Novaya Gazeta’s Special Correspondent on the War in Chechnya, was shot four times in the lift of her condo in Moscow. Many around the world believe her murder “killed free media in Russia,” and remember her as a fearless investigative journalist. But is her legacy remembered by Russian media today?

Politkovskaya’s main ‘crime’ was questioning Russia’s state-sanctioned narrative about the War. Her reports revealed human rights abuses perpetrated by the Russian Army against Chechen civilians and pervasive corruption inside the puppet administration of Chechnya’s Russian-backed Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov.

On Politkovskaya’s death anniversary this year, her former employer Novaya Gazeta published a photo of blank sheet of paper on their website. The caption read,

“13 Years Ago Novaya Gazeta Correspondent Anna Politkovskaya Was Killed. This Is What the Prosecutors Have Done to Find the People Who Commissioned Her Murder.”

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