Theme: Media Literacy (Resources)

Article: How to Improve Conflict reporting

Keywords: International, [EN] [FR], ethnicity, religion, conflict, peace journalism, reporting, guide, report, media, sensitivity, education, methodology, all media formats, resources for media This International Media Support report seeks to outline the main issues discussed during the roundtable and illustrate some of the dominant trends that emerged during the discussions. Through the use of direct quotations, the report shows the differing stances of the various participants, thereby indicating both convergences and divergences of opinion. The report does not try to conclusively define any of the numerous debatable issues within the field of conflict reporting, but rather act as a catalyst for further dialogue and the ongoing development of related methodologies and implementing practices.  How to improve Conflict reporting [EN].pdf  

Article: How to Produce a Radio Soap for Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Keywords: International, [EN] [FR], guide, ethnicity, religion, handbook, media diversity, conflict resolution, Entertainment Education, education, development, methodology, radio, resources for media This 2 Part manual has been written to help those with little or no experience of radio soap opera, but it certainly doesn’t describe the only way of doing things. But Search for Common Ground believes strongly in creative approaches to dealing with issues and with projects, so this is a guide not a blueprint. In fact it would probably be a mistake to try and follow what it says word for word. Much of what is written here is the result of trial and error, of testing an idea in a real situation, and as your soap opera progresses you may well think of or discover other, better, and more imaginative or creative ways of dealing with the problems and issues which present themselves.  How to produce a Radio Soap Opera for conflict prevention part 1 [FR].pdf  How to produce a Radio Soap Opera for conflict prevention part 1 [EN].pdf  How to produce a Radio Soap Opera for Conflict prevention part 2 [EN].pdf  

Article: Hue and Cry on 'Whiteness Studies'

Keywords: International, North America, USA, English, race & ethnicity, media content, social diversity models, initiatives/models, training/education materials 'Whiteness studies' is a new and controversial academic field that seeks to change how white people think about race. The field is based on a left-leaning interpretation of history by scholars who say the concept of race was created by a rich white European and American elite,

Article: Interviewing People With Disabilities

Keywords: International, guide, health, media ethics, resources for media/trainers, education Interview tips for journalists from the US-based National Center on Disability and Journalism. (National Center on Disability & Journalism) Interviewing People With Disabilities [EN].doc

Article: Losing the war on news

Keywords: Middle East, English, article, conflict, media. Many Britons still fail to understand fully the reality of the Middle East conflict. Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick of the journalism think-tank 'Reporting the World' argue that media coverage is distorting the public's understanding. (Press Gazette) Losing the war on news [EN].doc

Article: Manual for reporters covering HIV/AIDS online

Reporters who cover HIV/AIDS issues can utilize the online resource: The training manual (PDF), published by Inter Press Service, is made of up of three parts and designed to be used as part of a week-long training session on gender and HIV. It argues the importance of gender training for the media, as research shows that news is told largely through the eyes, voices and perspectives of men. The manual also discusses the role of the media in addressing gender stereotypes, providing a gender analysis framework. It covers gender and HIV/AIDS, discussing vulnerability, stigma and discrimination of both men and women. The final section addresses practical reporting issues, such as key term definitions and correct terminology.  

Article: Migration and Integration – Europe’s big challenge. What role do the media play?

Keywords: Western Europe, Eastern and South East Europe, All Europe, English, diversity, media ethics and diversity, media Literacy, integration, report, print Integration and cultural diversity are at the core components of how Europeans see themselves. They are the guiding principles of a multi-faceted process that is driving Europe toward political unity while at the same time maintaining the continent’s diverse languages and cultures.

Article: Multicultural Broadcasting: concept and reality

Keywords: International, English, social diversity models, ethnicity, media literacy, report/study, print The research examined attitudes towards multicultural broadcasting held by the audience and by practitioners in the radio and television industries. Additionally, attitudes towards multiculturalism within advertising were explored briefly.

Article: Newspapers Often Portray Children as Victims

Keywords: International, English, children & youth, media. A new global study of newspaper coverage of children has found that nearly one-third of the articles about them concern children as victims. That was by far the largest category of stories about children in the study, which was produced in a unique cooperative project between newspapers and schools world-wide. The researchers were children themselves. Newspapers Often Portray Children as Victims 1 [EN].doc Newspapers Often Portray Children as Victims 2 [EN].doc

Article: Practical Advice For Developing Sources

Keywords: International, English, training/education, diversity & media, resources for media, guide Practical Advice For Developing Sources Practical Advice For Developing Sources.doc

Article: Report Media

Keywords: Spanish, English, Italian, intercultural media, minority media, minorities, media, report, intercultural projects, diversity This report is divided in several chapters dealing with the following subjects: intercultural media, minority media, out reach to minorities, campaign and information dissemination, truly intercultural projects. Report_Media [EN].pdf Report_media[ES].pdf Report_media[ITA].pdf

Article: Reporting Diversity Curriculum Framework

Keywords: International, English, Arabic, General diversity, education, handbook, manual, guide, resources for trainers, resources for academics, all media formats The RD Curriculum booklet is a framework which university teachers and others can use in designing a course or a module which will provide undergraduates with basic knowledge on reporting diversity in their societies. Its immediate target audience is very specific and largely limited to academic teachers. The book provides an inventive review of approaches and module examples for teachers. Written by Brian Winston for Media Diversity Institute, 2003  To order a copy contact 

Article: Reporting Diversity – checklist 1

Keywords: International, resource for media, guide, media ethics & diversity Reporting on diversity means reflecting all members of the community in a fair and accurate manner, and applying equal standards of scrutiny for all groups.


Article: Reporting Diversity – Socially Disadvantaged Groups

Keywords: International, socially disadvantaged groups, guide, media ethics, resources for media/trainers The Media Diversity Institute’s “Reporting Diversity Guide” is a comprehensive manual for journalists and trainers. It includes a ‘Socially Disadvantaged Groups’ section which provides tips on reporting on issues of such groups, and case studies of two articles on this theme from Bosnia and Bulgaria. Reporting Diversity – Socially Disadvantaged Groups.pdf

Article: Reporting Diversity – Tips for Finding Sources

Keywords: International, media ethics & diversity, guide, training/education materials, resources for media/trainers The Media Diversity Institute’s “Reporting Diversity Guide” is a comprehensive manual for journalists and trainers. In the guide author David Tuller provides this list of tips for reporters wanting to cultivate sources amongst diverse communities. (MDI, 2002 ) Tips for finding sources.pdf

Article: Reporting Diversity-Tips on Interviewing People from other Groups

Keywords: International, guide, media ethics & diversity, resources for media/trainers, training/education material The Media Diversity Institute’s “Reporting Diversity Guide” is a comprehensive manual for journalists and trainers. In the guide author David Tuller provides this list of tips for reporters wanting to cultivate sources amongst diverse communities. (MDI, 2002 ) Tips on Interviewing people from other groups.pdf

Article: Representation and reality of the complex Balkan conflicts: photography, newspaper article and the documentary

Keywords: Western Europe, Italy, Italian, Balkans, conflict, photojournalism, media, documentary, newspaper article, Osservatorio Balcani, print A study about the different ways of treating the Balkan conflicts by the media. The photojournalism, the newsaper article and the documentary, between reality and representation. Here they are presented the case studies of Claus Bjorn Larsen, Gill Peress, Paolo Rumiz e Andrea Rossini.

Article: Representation of the Stranger in children’s TV / Karfunkel – Die Konstruktion des Fremden im Kinderfernsehen (only in German)

Keywords: Western Europe, Germany, German, children, education, TV, online, study, report, media literacy, resource for all, print, online Media world and can make a big impact on society in the prevailing concepts of "strangers" and "stranger" take. Children are particularly susceptible to action models and role models to them, for example, the TV offers. Claudia Bulut analyzed in her dissertation the ZDF Fersehspielreihe Karfunkel the 1991 to 1993 was broadcast. Karfunkel turned to the rarely considered foreign children living in Germany. They tried not only the series model to provide role models but ventured in, through the identification of exemplary protagonists, to the elimination of stereotyped prejudices approached. Whether and how you succeed, the author investigated by means of film analysis based on selected sequences.  Representation of the Stranger in children's TV [DE].pdf

Article: Representations of Immigrants and their issues in the Media / Die Darstellung von Migrantinnen und Migranten und ihren Themen in den audiovisuellen Medien (only in German)

Keywords: Western Europe, Germany, German, religion & belief, migrants, media ethics & diversity, report, study freedom of expression & diversity, media literacy, resource for all, print, online  Migrants are often the subject of media coverage, but even take little part in broadcasts, rarely make contributions and are generally not the author of information. This structural exclusion, the author sees as a reason for the clichéd caricature the media especially by Muslim immigrants draw and convey. In contrast, multilingual radio and television offers and media representation of cultural hybridity appropriate means to address migrant groups in society to enable Partizipaton and ethnic stereotypes, such as the criminalization of Muslims as extremists and Islamic fundamentalists disband.  Representation of Immigrants and their issues in the Media [DE].pdf

Article: Rights Not Charity

Keywords: Asia, Europe, Malta, Gozo, English, Disability, handbook, Malta, sign-language, DVD, all media formats, resources for media, resources for academics Guidelines for inclusive media and society with regard to Maltese and Gozitan disabled. First, models for the inclusion of disabled individuals in different segments of society are presented, following by the advice for media on how to professionally cover disabilities. The guidelines were published for the first time in December 2007 by the National Commission for Persons with Disability in Malta. Available in Maltese, English, audio version and sign-language on DVD.  Rights Not Charity [EN].pdf

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