Theme: Conflict (Resources)

Article: FRA EU - Violent attacks against Roma in the Ponticelli district of Naples, Italy

Keywords: Western Europe, Italy, English, French, Italian, Romanian, German, Roma & travellers, ethnicity, race & national identity, violence, discrimination, EU, minorities, report, case study, indicator, human rights, media ethics & diversity, social diversity model, resource for all, print Violent attacks against Roma in the Ponticelli district of Naples, Italy  FRA EU Violent Atacks on Roma in Italy [IT].pdf  FRA EU Violent Attacks on Roma in Italy [DE].pdf  FRA EU Violent Attacks on Roma in Italy [FR].pdf  FRA EU Violent Attacks on Roma in Italy [RO].pdf  FRA EU Violent Attacks on Roma in Italy [EN].pdf

Article: Free Press In Kenya

Keywords: International, Africa, Kenya, English, guide, reporting, conflict, responsible, ethics, resources for media, all media formats This handbook in conflict sensitive journalism – special edition Kenya – is part of IMS’ response to the needs expressed during this first and following assessment missions to Kenya. The handbook is designed to be a practical everyday guide, which seeks to contribute to the theoretical refinement and practical realization of conflict sensitive journalism as a tool for usage by Kenyan media practitioners covering the conflict.   Free Press in Kenya [EN].pdf    

Article: Gaza - Israeli & Palestinian Sources in the UK Press

Keywords: Conflict, religion & belief, UK, Middle East & North Africa, report, conflict, [EN], print, TV, online, media Throughout the reporting by Arab Media Watch of the Gaza conflict in the British press, the division of sources, and words devoted to sources, on either side demonstrated a greater disproportion between the Palestinian sources and those Israeli.   Gaza - Israeli & Palestinian Sources in the UK Press [EN].pdf

Article: Gender and displacement

Keywords: International, Afghanistan, English, Spanish, migrants, refugees, gender, indicator, guide, review, print, online Expulsiones The Forced Migration Review provides a forum for the regular exchange of practical experience, information and ideas between researchers, refugees and internally displaced people, and those who work with them. This reports talks about the phisical displacement of migrants women and it is published in English, Spanish and Arabic by the Refugee Studies Centre/University of Oxford. Gender And Displacement [EN].pdf Gender and Displacement [ES].pdf  

Article: Guidelines for countering racial, ethnic and religious profiling

Keywords: International, English, guide, ethics, media, religion, race & ethnicity. Guidelines for countering racial, ethnic and religious profiling in coverage of the war on terrorism, from the US Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). The SPJ urges journalists to use language that is informative and not inflammatory; to portray Muslims, Arabs and Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans in a way that reflects the richness of their diverse experiences; and to seek truth through a variety of voices and perspectives. (SPJ) Guidelines for countering racial, ethnic and religious profiling [EN].doc  

Article: Guidelines for Journalists Covering Conflict

Keywords: International, English, guide, conflict, media. Journalists intervene in conflict - and in a sense mediate conflict - whether they intend to or not. Working with local and international conflict resolution practitioners, we've been developing a new approach to journalism which in many ways strengthens what journalists already do, and raises their awareness about the impact of their reportage..... (Conflict Management Group, 1994 / RD Manual, 1997) Guidelines for Journalists Covering Conflict [EN].doc  

Article: Gypsies and Gagé: cultural differences and prejudices about cultural differences / Zingari e Gagé: differenze culturali e pregiudizi sulle differenze culturali (only in Italian)

Keywords: Western Europe, Italy,italian,ethnicity, gypsy, gagé, media content, on-line article, social diversity models, resources for all, online This long article is case study about one primary school in Bologna (Italy) about the prejudices regarding chikdrens of gypsy and gagé families.  

Article: How to Improve Conflict reporting

Keywords: International, [EN] [FR], ethnicity, religion, conflict, peace journalism, reporting, guide, report, media, sensitivity, education, methodology, all media formats, resources for media This International Media Support report seeks to outline the main issues discussed during the roundtable and illustrate some of the dominant trends that emerged during the discussions. Through the use of direct quotations, the report shows the differing stances of the various participants, thereby indicating both convergences and divergences of opinion. The report does not try to conclusively define any of the numerous debatable issues within the field of conflict reporting, but rather act as a catalyst for further dialogue and the ongoing development of related methodologies and implementing practices.  How to improve Conflict reporting [EN].pdf  

Article: How to Produce a Radio Soap for Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Keywords: International, [EN] [FR], guide, ethnicity, religion, handbook, media diversity, conflict resolution, Entertainment Education, education, development, methodology, radio, resources for media This 2 Part manual has been written to help those with little or no experience of radio soap opera, but it certainly doesn’t describe the only way of doing things. But Search for Common Ground believes strongly in creative approaches to dealing with issues and with projects, so this is a guide not a blueprint. In fact it would probably be a mistake to try and follow what it says word for word. Much of what is written here is the result of trial and error, of testing an idea in a real situation, and as your soap opera progresses you may well think of or discover other, better, and more imaginative or creative ways of dealing with the problems and issues which present themselves.  How to produce a Radio Soap Opera for conflict prevention part 1 [FR].pdf  How to produce a Radio Soap Opera for conflict prevention part 1 [EN].pdf  How to produce a Radio Soap Opera for Conflict prevention part 2 [EN].pdf  

Article: Influence of media on the religious experience of Muslim-youth after the murder of Theo van Gogh / De invloed van de media op de religieuze believing van moslimjongeren in Nederland na de moord op Theo van Gogh (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, Dutch, diversity, religion and belief, youth, report/study, print [EN] This research focuses on the influence of the media on the religious experience of Muslim-youth in the Netherlands especially after the murder on Theo van Gogh. There has been looked at the way that news coverage on Muslims and the Islam played a role in the behaviour of Muslim youth. One of the results was that almost 90 percent feels disappointed, insulted and discriminated by the media coverage about Muslims.

Article: Israeli Media Coverage of killing of Palestinians

Keywords: Middle East, English, report, study, conflict & war, ethnicity & race The research by Keshev, Jerusalem based NGO, investigates media coverage of the events in December 2005, when,  according to the major media outlets in Israel , 22 Palestinians were killed. In the framework of this study, Keshev examined all relevant items in the daily editions of the three major newspapers, Ha'aretz , Yedioth Ahronoth and Ma'ariv , and the nightly television newscasts on Channels 1, 2 and 10.  A total of 135 items were examined. (KESHEV) Israeli Media Coverage of killing of Palestinians [EN].doc

Article: Jewish and Arab journalism students working together

Keywords: Middle East, Arabic, project/initiative, media content, conflict, religion & belief, ethnicity MDI's 'Finding common ground in Israel - Jewish and Arab journalism students working together' project culminated with the students producing a 24-page, bi-lingual coexistence newspaper supplement, 100,000 copies of which were then circulated into their northern Israeli community as an insert in local Arabic-language and Hebrew-language newspapers.

Article: Joint Armenian-Azerbaijani study of the effectiveness of media coverage of the Karabagh conflict

Keywords: Caucuses, English, conflict, media, study, report. An examination of the views of Armenians and Azerbaijanis towards each other and with regard to resolution of the conflict between them – as well as whether they perceive their media is adequately covering these issues. Jointly conducted by the Baku and Yerevan press clubs, the study contains focus group material and media monitoring. Joint Armenian-Azerbaijani study of the effectiveness of media coverage of the Karabagh conflict [EN].pdf

Article: Joint Israeli-Palestinian Media Discourse Project

Keywords: Middle East, English, conflict, media. "Words Can Kill, Too" is a joint Palestinian-Israeli action for an alternative public and media discourse run by the ‘Keshev - Center for Protection of Democracy in Israel ' and ‘Miftah - The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy'. The aim of the project is to encourage a public and media discourse free of incitement, prejudice and dehumanization of the other in Israel and Palestine , through monitoring, research, advocacy, and lobbying activities. Joint Israeli-Palestinian Media Discourse Project [EN].pdf  

Article: Journalism and Terrorism

Keywords: North America, USA, English, journalism, terrorism, study, report, print This paper reports the results of a phone survey of managing editors and news directors from newspapers and television stations across the United States. The sample included approximately equal numbers of large, medium and small news organizations.

Article: Journalists draft Burma's first guidelines for coverage of children

Keywords: Asia, Burma, English, good practise, children & youth, guide. Two dozen young journalists drafted a code of ethics as part of a training recent training course in Burma. The code included the first set of guidelines for Burmese journalists reporting on children. Journalists draft Burma's first guidelines for coverage of children [EN].doc

Article: Killing Screens: Media in Times of Conflict

Keywords: International, English, conflict, media, report, study. Many journalists become desktop murderers during a country's decline, according to journalist Dr Dusan Reljic, whose book "Killing Screens: Media in Times of Conflict" is an examination of the connection between journalism and conflict. The spiral of real violence is often initially prepared in the media and almost always twisted further by it, according to this study, which looks at how - in situations of intra-state tension and conflict - the same basic journalistic methods are applied in different political cultures. (by Dr Dusan Reljic, The European Institute for the Media, 2001) Killing Screens - Media in Times of Conflict [EN].pdf  

Article: King’s College Study on UK Media Coverage of the 2016 EU Referendum Campaign

Keywords: International, English, UK, EU, Referendum, Brexit, immigration, migrants, refugees, diversity in general, journalism, media, all media formats, resources for media A study by King’s College London’s Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power, shows that immigration was ‘the most prominent referendum issue’ in the UK media during the EU Referendum campaign in 2016. Most print front pages during the pre-Referendum or Brexit campaign focused on immigration. For example, out of the 195 EU Referendum-related front pages in the UK print media, 99 focused on immigration, followed by the economy with 82 front pages. The study’s authors also highlight a clear and important shift towards a stronger emphasis on immigration during the 10-week campaign. The study is the first to analyse all articles referencing political issues within the context of the EU Referendum that were published by the 20 main UK news outlets online during the official 10-week campaign, 15,000 articles in total. These outlets include the online platforms of national press and broadcasters as well as online only news outlets. All front-page lead stories on every print newspaper were also incorporated in the analysis.

Article: Kumanovo's Attempt at Reconciliation

Keywords: South Eastern Europe, English, conflict, media content, ethnicity, religion A time-bomb planted in front of the Goce Delcev high school in the Macedonian city of Kumanovo killed one passer-by and wounded another five people, including a 16-year-old pupil who was leaving the school building. The bomb exploded on Dec. 27 at 4:45 p.m., exactly at the time when classes were to end.


Article: Living Together is Possible

Keywords: Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe, media content, social diversity models, conflict, refugees/IDPs, print When in the summer of 1999 over 400 Kosovo residents were forced to abandon their homes in the Serbian province in the wake of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, they found shelter in a collective center in Raca Kragujevacka.

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