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Article: Migrants and their descendants - Guide to policies for the well-being of all in pluralist societies, published by the Council of Europe

Migration to and within Europe has profoundly changed the life and image of the continent. This guide offers theoretical and practical tools for an innovative approach to a key political issue: how, along with our immigrant fellow-citizens, can we build a fair and plural society that ensures the well-being or all? By moving beyond rigid categories like "foreigner", "immigrant" and "illegal , and ambiguous concepts like "identity", "diversity , "immigration control and "integration", this guide suggests that policy makers, civil servants and citizens need to question their own vocabulary if they are to grasp the complexity and uniqueness or people's migration paths. Perceiving migrants simply from the host country's point or view - the security, well-being and life-style of its nationals - has limitations. We cannot see people of foreign origin only as a threat or a resource to be exploited. If we see them as stereotypes, we are seeing only a mirror of European fears and contradictory aspirations. This guide helps readers decode and address the structural problems of our society, looking at the accusations made against migrants and the utilitarian view or the advantages that immigrants bring to host societies. In publishing this guide, the Council or Europe is seeking to initiate an in-depth debate on the migration issue, which is so high on the European political agenda.

Article: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in China

Keywords: International, Asia, China, English, book, PME, development, education, guide, study, diversity, minority, farming The new and powerful methodology of participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) is gaining wide use amongst international development agencies and research institutions around the world. PM&E brings together both researchers and stakeholders, such as farmers, government officials, and extension workers, to monitor and assess development activities.

Article: Press Link Database / PersLink Database (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, diversity in general, other web resources, all themes, resource for all [DU] Perslink is een digitale telefoongids met informatie die de reguliere telefoongids meestal niet  bevat. Hier vinden journalisten en programmamakers hun collega’s, voorlichters, bestuurders, politici en deskundigen op velerlei terrein. Met de gegevens van naar schatting 10.000 organisaties en 25.000 contactpersonen is Perslink een uniek en noodzakelijk stuk gereedschap voor de dagelijkse werkzaamheden van journalisten en programmamakers. Perslink is 11 september 2002 in gebruik gesteld. De samenwerkende partners, NOS, Mira Media, NVJ en IRP hebben bewust gekozen voor deze datum, omdat na de aanslagen in New York precies een jaar eerder nog eens extra duidelijk is geworden dat de media worstelen met de vraag hoe een representatief en genuanceerd beeld te geven van onze pluriforme samenleving. Bevordering van de zichtbaarheid in de media van deskundigen met een niet-Nederlandse culturele achtergrond, alsook die van deskundige vrouwen, zodat meningen en opvattingen vanuit alle bevolkingsgroepen gelijkwaardig aan bod komen en alle groepen zich in de media kunnen herkennen, is een van de uitgangspunten van Perslink. De andere doelstelling is om journalisten en programmamakers de kortste weg naar de juiste organisatie en woordvoerder te wijzen. [EN] PersLink is a private internet-database for journalists and program makers and at the same time a place where you can get you or your company more accessibility. PersLink contains names of thousands of organizations, media representatives, media spokesmen, directors, politicians, experts, web addresses, email addresses, mobile, private and work telephone numbers. Besides trying to get journalists and program makers in contact with the right network, organization or person, PersLink also focuses on the visibility of experts in the media with a non-Dutch background together with that of female experts, so that opinions and views from all population groups can be heard evenly in the media.       

Article: Reporting poverty - a resource for journalism tutors and students, website created by Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This website brings together a range of resources to help journalism tutors, trainers and students to understand the issues and sensitivities involved in reporting poverty in the UK. It offers practical guidance and examples of how journalists have covered this complex subject in a variety of media.  

Article: Technology, Gender and Power in Africa

Keywords: Africa, English, gender, technology, power, politics, development, education, indicator, review, book This book, published by the International Development Research Centre, demonstrates that the study of gender relations and the power of women is central to an evaluation of development efforts in Africa.

Article: Theoretical Perspectives on Gender and Development

Keywords: International, English, book, gender, equality, feminist, education, development, indicator, guide The International Development Research Centre has taken steps to promote gender-sensitive research that improves our understanding of development problems and leads to appropriate solutions, and it has supported efforts to disseminate knowledge on gender issues, such as this book.

Article: This Unfair Age Barrier

Keywords: International, English, age, good practice. The media are currently taking part in a campaign to find the employers who make the best use of the skills, enthusiasm and experience of older workers. This Unfair Age Barrier [EN].doc

Article: Tracking Gender Equity under Economic Reforms – South Asia

Keywords: Asia, South Asia, English, book, gender, economic reform, development, guide, indicator One of the things that this book attempts is to provide a forum of interaction between these two genres of gender researchers through the introduction of some ‘non-conventional’ indicators of gender bias designed to measure gender-related stress, anxiety and violence, which can be then be mapped onto the other, more conventional ones.

Article: Tuning out – women in the UK radio industry

Keywords: women, radio, senior levels, employment, research, report, creative media Women in the UK radio industry are significantly under-represented at senior levels, according to a new report produced by Skillset for Sound Women, a new organisation dedicated to highlighting the issues faced by women in the radio industry. Tuning out – women in the UK radio industry shows that just 17% of people operating at board level are female, and 34% are senior managers.[1] This compares poorly with the TV industry, where 29% of board members are female, though still just 37% of senior managers are women. For the complete report, please click  womenukradioindustry.pdf


Article: What diversity means in public broadcasting

Keywords: Western Europe, UK, English, diversity, ethnicity & race, media ethics, article BBC Radio London presenter Henry Bonsu has been axed because his bosses said he was 'too intellectual'. Whereas in the past, distinct Black media voices were shut down in the name of 'multiculturalism', today it is done under the fashionable banner of 'diversity'. Article by the Independent Race and Refugee News Network.  

Article: Women and Children First

Keywords: Western Europe, UK, English, migrants, refugees, media ethics & diversity, article, employment It would be fair to say that the UK is a relatively tolerant country. So why has there been such an outbreak of apoplexy amongst journalists and politicians, allegedly caused by a new and overwhelming tide of "bogus" asylum seekers on the streets of the capital? The Central European Review analyses the UK press coverage. Article by Oliver Craske, Central Europe Review, 25 March 2000. Women and Children First [EN].doc

Article: Women meeting the challenge – a handbook for media leadership

Keywords: International, English, gender, handbook, guide, journalism, reporting, education, print, online Leadership Institute for Women Journalists guidebook: "A MANAGER HAS A JOB, BUT A LEADER HAS A CALLING".


Article: Women’s community radio

Keywords: International, English, gender, ethics, radio, media, journalism, study, guide, report, education, tool It is hoped this handbook will provide women with some basic knowledge of how to set up a women’s community radio and make efficient use of it for their development.

Article: Working with Indigenous Knowledge

Keywords: International, Indonesia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Venezuela, English, Indigenous, development, environment, guide, publication Methods of incorporating Indigenous Knowledge systems in development work. Indigenous Knowledge (IK) refers to the unique, traditional, local knowledge existing within and developed around the specific conditions of women and men indigenous to a particular geographic area.

Article: “It ain't just paint:” Ageing and the Media

Keywords: North America, USA, English, age, media, article. From the Longevity Report, a US syndicated newspaper column on issues for people 40 and over, this article reviews the negative press the elderly receive in the US, and examines the reluctance of radio stations and advertisers to acknowledge older consumers, even when these are the people statistics say they should be targeting. It Ain't Just Paint - Ageing and the Media [EN].doc

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