Theme: Human Rights (Resources)

Article: Gender and displacement

Keywords: International, Afghanistan, English, Spanish, migrants, refugees, gender, indicator, guide, review, print, online Expulsiones The Forced Migration Review provides a forum for the regular exchange of practical experience, information and ideas between researchers, refugees and internally displaced people, and those who work with them. This reports talks about the phisical displacement of migrants women and it is published in English, Spanish and Arabic by the Refugee Studies Centre/University of Oxford. Gender And Displacement [EN].pdf Gender and Displacement [ES].pdf  

Article: Gender Justice, citizenship and development

Keywords: International, English, French, gender, justice, development, review, book, print This book, published by the International Development Reearch Centre is a contribution to current efforts to re-energize and re-politicize the gender equality agenda in international development. It brings together leading scholars in the gender and development field, who were asked to interrogate the concept of 'gender justice' from conceptual, contextual and strategic angles.

Article: Gender stereotyping rife in Eastern European and Central Asian media

Keyword: Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Serbia & Ex-Jugoslavia, English, study report, gender, media diversity The mass media in Eastern Europe and Central Asia tend to promote gender stereotypes - that was the conclusion of a monitoring program conducted in eight countries by the CaucAsia International Coalition of Journalists.


Article: Guidelines for Journalists Covering Conflict

Keywords: International, English, guide, conflict, media. Journalists intervene in conflict - and in a sense mediate conflict - whether they intend to or not. Working with local and international conflict resolution practitioners, we've been developing a new approach to journalism which in many ways strengthens what journalists already do, and raises their awareness about the impact of their reportage..... (Conflict Management Group, 1994 / RD Manual, 1997) Guidelines for Journalists Covering Conflict [EN].doc  

Article: Gypsies and Gagé: cultural differences and prejudices about cultural differences / Zingari e Gagé: differenze culturali e pregiudizi sulle differenze culturali (only in Italian)

Keywords: Western Europe, Italy,italian,ethnicity, gypsy, gagé, media content, on-line article, social diversity models, resources for all, online This long article is case study about one primary school in Bologna (Italy) about the prejudices regarding chikdrens of gypsy and gagé families.  

Article: Handbook on European Non-Discrimination Law

Keywords: European, English, French, discrimination, sex, disability, age, race, nationality, law, handbook, Human Rights, European Court The Handbook on European Non-Discrimination Law, published jointly by the Fundamental Rights Agency and the European Court of Human Rights, is the first comprehensive guide to European non-discrimination law. It is based on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice. It covers: the context and background to European non-discrimination law (including the UN human rights treaties), discrimination categories and defences, the scope of the law (including who is protected) and the grounds protected, such as sex, disability, age, race and nationality. The handbook is aimed at legal practitioners at national and European level, including judges, prosecutors, lawyers, law-enforcement officials, and others involved in giving legal advice, such as national human rights institutions, equality bodies and legal advice centres, to whom it will be distributed. The handbook is available in English, French and 25 other European languages.  

Article: Hate Speech in the Media and Internet in Kyrgyzstan

Keywords: Kyrgyzstan, English, hate speech, media monitoring, media anlysis, print, online, ethnic groups, xenophobia, study, report This study aimed at better understanding whether and how local print, online and social media in Kyrgyzstan portray ethnic groups and whether the media outlets contribute to xenophobic stereotypes and discriminatory discourse. The report, published on March 2014, presents the results of content analysis of print and online media regarding hate speech in 5 regions of the country; Chui, Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken and Bishkek. The report has been prepared by the team of School of Peacemaking and Media Technology in Central Asia, a Kyrgyzstan media development organization focusing on advocacy, research and training on media issues. Hate Speech in the Media and Internet in Kyrgyzstan [EN]

Article: HIV-positive Russian women and their children face discrimination

Keywords: Eastern Europe, Russia, English, health, youth, gender, media content, print HIV-positive Russian women and their children face widespread discrimination and abuse, according to a new Human Rights Watch report. Children born to HIV-positive women are often segregated in Russia for no medical reason, the rights group says. (BBC News, 15 July 2005) HIV Positive Russian Women and their children face discrimination.doc


Article: Homophobia and Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the EU Member States

Keywords: All  Europe, English, gender, discrimination, gay and lesbian, Sexual orientation, report, legislation, EU A report by EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA). The report finds that discrimination, harassment and violence against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) persons are widespread throughout the EU.

Article: Homophobia and Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation in the EU

Keywords: All Europe, English, sexual orientation, gender identity, discrimination, Human Rights, EU, review, indicator, print, online This report by FRA (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) examines the situation of homophobia in the 27 EU Member States. It analyses comparatively key legal provisions, relevant judicial data, such as court decisions, and case law in the Member States. In addition, the report identifies and highlights 'good practice' in the form of positive measures and initiatives to overcome underreporting of LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals) discrimination, to promote inclusion and to protect transgender persons. Homophobia and Discrimination on Grounds of Sex and Gender.pdf Homophobia and Discrimination on Gronds of sex and Gender 2.pdf To see the online version of the documents, click on the following links:  


Article: How can the media be more gender sensitive?

Keywords: International, English, guidelines, gender, media ethics & diversity Tips from the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre for more gender sensitive coverage, with a focus on coverage of violence against women. How can the media be more gender sensitive [EN].doc

Article: How Gay Friendly is the Hungarian Media?

Keywords: Eastern Europe, English, media diversity, sexuality, report, article For a long time, the media in Hungary considered homosexuality non-existent, placing it out of sight and not covering it at all. The first changes were heralded by the official formation of the first association for gays two years before the political changes of 1989.

Article: Human Rights Guide

Keywords: International, French, human rights, diversity in general, guide, education, resources for all, all media formats, all organizations This guide describes what obligations states have towards ensuring basic human rights, the legislation involved as well as the practical function of international and regional instances whose role is to do just that. Human Rights Guide [FR].pdf

Article: Human Rights, Women and Immigration / Derechos humanos, mujeres e inmigración (only in Spanish)

Keywords: International, Western Europe, Spain, Spanish, human rights, gender, migrants, resource for all, print The Platform of Human Rights for Women presents this study to open a line of thought around the subject of Human Rights in relation to the realities of immigration and women. It is designed to give an overview of the current situation, with insightful comments, for the reader to form his own theory and perception on the subject.  Human Rights, Women and Immigration [ES].pdf  

Article: Identity Crisis

Keywords: International, Western Europe, English, ethnicity & race, media, diversity, freedom of speech, religion, identity As more people define themselves by their spiritual beliefs, there are controversial plans to introduce legislation to curb incitement to religious hatred. Philip Pullman asks if the law will distinguish between a rational analysis of theology and a call for violence, while Monica Ali, Philip Hensher and Salman Rushdie consider the threat to free speech. Extracts from essays in Free Expression is No Offence, published by English Pen and Penguin on December 1. (The Guardian, 19 November, 2005) Identity Crisis [EN].doc

Article: IFJ Research Findings on Reporting HIV/AIDS in six countries in Africa and Asia in July 2006

Keywords: International, Africa, Asia, Cambodia, India, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Philippines, English, Health, AIDS, report HIV AIDS represents not only a challenge to health workers, but also journalists. The document gives the insight in the way media reported this issues in six countries: Cambodia, India, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Philippines. IFJ Research Findings on Reporting HIV AIDS in 6 countries [EN].pdf


Article: In Search of Home

Keywords: South Eastern Europe, media content, conflict, socially disadvantaged people, children, print Walking through the dark and muddy allies between the Ivan Milutinovic construction company 's barracks in the Belgrade Krnjaca settlement, requires vigilance. A sharp scream tears through the night. A little girl runs out from among the barracks crying "I hate you rats, you disgusting rats!"


Article: Independent Study on Indicators for media Pluralism in the EU

Keywords: All Europe, English, pluralism, media diversity, EU, study, journalism, ethics, print The present study forms part of the European Commission’s three-step approach for advancing the debate on media pluralism within the European Union. The approach was launched in January 2007 with a Commission Staff Working Paper and is planned to result in a Commission Communication on media pluralism at the end of 2009.

Article: Interviewing Victims of Traumatic Human Rights Abuses

Keywords: International, media ethics, mental health, human rights, violence, guide, training/education materials Guideline about how to interview victims of traumatic human rights abuses, written by Jack Saul, Ph.D. Prishtina, Kosovo July 25 - Aug 8, 2001. Interviewing Victims of Traumatic Human Rights Abuses.doc


Article: IRR's European Race Bulletin

Keywords: International, English, ethnicity & race, media, study report. A digest on the rise of racism and fascism in Europe collate and summarises news reports from papers, magazines, NGOs and campaigns in every European country. The Bulletin, published by the UK Institute for Race Relations, provides a rare opportunity for understanding domestic race policy in the context of European harmonisation. It is essential reading for students, academics, researchers, campaigners, policy makers, educationalists, lawyers and all those concerned about racism, fascism and democracy around Europe. (IRR). IRR's European Race Bulletin [EN].doc

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