Theme: Media Development (Resources)

Article: The Principle of Diversity in Journalism

Keywords: Brazil, Brazilian, English, diversity, elections, journalism, mass media, Jornal Nacional, political delibaration, public interest The article, published in the academic journal "Brazilian Journalism Research", discusses a journalistic value that has important consequences for political deliberation: diversity. After identifying the key dimensions of the principle of diversity, the text presents a case study about Jornal Nacional's (TV) coverage of the 2002 presidential election. Based on the notion of public interest, the article concludes by proposing measures to promote media diversity, including the fields of content regulation, journalistic norms and the role of civil society. The Principle of Diversity in Journalism [EN]

Article: The sobering face of diversity

Keywords: International, Western Europe, English, diversity, media, ethics. In an article published in the autumn issue of the French 'Enjeux Internationaux' journal, MDI director Milica Pesic writes that the bombing attacks on London are a good starting point for discussion on how journalists approach diversity and what the role of the media should be in mirroring diversity. (MDI) The sobering face of diversity [EN].doc

Article: Theoretical Perspectives on Gender and Development

Keywords: International, English, book, gender, equality, feminist, education, development, indicator, guide The International Development Research Centre has taken steps to promote gender-sensitive research that improves our understanding of development problems and leads to appropriate solutions, and it has supported efforts to disseminate knowledge on gender issues, such as this book.

Article: Voices from Villages: Community Radio in the Developing World, Report Released by CIMA

CIMA is pleased to release a new report, Voices from Villages: Community Radio in the Developing World, by Mary Myers, an expert on international media development with many years of experience in this field. Since the 1990s community radio has mushroomed throughout the developing world, and international aid agencies are showing ever greater interest in community media's ability to inform and empower. Voices from Villages explores the reasons for this expansion and the constraints and challenges community radio still faces.  It also looks at community radio's record in terms of economic and political development and examines its real achievements against its ideals.  

Article: Who Makes the News?: Global Media Monitoring Project 2015

Keywords: International, English, diversity, womken, journalism, reporters, research, study, statistics, all media formats, online, traditional media, resources for media Global Media Monitoring Project 2015 key findings suggest there have been only slight improvements in the past 20 years concidering women's inclusion in the global media. For example, since 2005 the overall number of women newsmakers rose only by 1 percent - up to 24 percent in total in the traditional media (newspapers, radio, television). The new digital age did not stimulate the change either, as only 26 percent of newsmakers online are women. Only 1 out of 10 news stories features women and women's issues as their topics. Also, there has been no rise in the number of female reporters in the last decade. There is only 37 percent female reporters around the globe.

Article: Women and Media in the Euromed Region

Keywords: Euromediterranean, English, French, Arabic, gender, media, print, audiovisual, electronic, training, educational material, exercises, modules This training material has been designed for journalists specialised in written, audiovisual and electronic media and is part of the agenda of the regional programme entitled "Enhancing Equality between Men and Women in the Euromed Region". It is comprised of 3 different modules and provides exercises for training regarding gender equality and media. The guide, available in English, French and Arabic, seeks to reinforce the capacities of media to promote a balanced and non-stereotypical image of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Women and Media in the Euromed Region [EN] Women and Media in the Euromed Region [FR] Women and Media in the Euromed Region [AR]

Article: [DU] Debat over de rol van media en opinieleiders in de multiculturele samenleving

Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, refugees & migrants, other web resource, media ethics and diversity, resource for all, print [DU] Hoe is het gesteld met de positie van vluchtelingen in de media? En welke mogelijkheden zijn er om een grotere inbreng van vluchtelingen in de media te krijgen? VON en Mira Media organiseerden daarover op 18 juni een werkconferentie. Aanzet tot discussie werd gegeven door journalist en communicatieadviseur Frank Siddiqui, de uit Engeland afkomstige Terry Williams en Arnob Chakrabarty van On File.  [EN] What is the current situation of refugees in the media? An analysis on the situation a few years ago till now plus tips and suggestions for refugees that would like to become active in the media.    

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