Theme: Media Ethics (Resources)

Article: Evaluating the Media during Palestine’s elections

Keywords: Middle East, Palestine, English, report, study, journalism, media, coverage, politics, print "Filastiniyat" sought to evaluate the mass media’s performance in providing objective and balanced coverage of the candidates and their platforms so the citizens of Palestine can make well-informed choices at the ballot box.

Article: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Keywords: International, North America, English, media ethics & diversity, internet, racism, gender, online, media FAIR is the US national media watch group, offering documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986, and aiming to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press and by scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints.

Article: Fear of the other and the interethnic diversity / La paura dell’altro e la diversità intetnica (only in Italian)

Keywords: Western Europe, Italy, italian,migrants, article, media ethics & diversity, interethnicity, interculturalism, social diversity models, resource for NGOs, print This article deals with the prejudices created by media, towards the high flux of migrations which Italy is experiencing now for its first time in history.  Fear of the other and the interethnic diversity [IT].pdf    

Article: Female Muslims; a media-creation? The way media deals with Muslim emancipation / Moslima; een mediacreatie? De manier waarop de media omgaan met moslimemancipatie (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, Dutch, religion & belief, diversity, Muslims, study, print, media ethics & diversity [EN]The goal of the research was to get an idea of the way that the media deals with Muslim emancipation and to find out what the vision of Female Muslim experts in this field is about this subject.

Article: FFFAC Media and Political Change in Asia

Keywords: Asia, English, freedom of information, journalism, ethics, democracy, journal, report, news, print This Freedom Forum journal covers emerging news from Asia, with articles on freedom of press in Thailand, progress in news reporting of elections and issues of deregulation of the media. FFFAC Media and Political Change in Asia [EN].pdf

Article: FFFAC Press Power and Politics - Asia

Keywords: Asia, English, journalism, news, politics, media, newspaper, report, print This Freedom Forum Journal covers stories related to press power and politics in Asia. FFFAC Press Power and Politics Asia [EN].pdf

Article: FFFAC Press Power and Politics in Africa

Keywords: Africa, English, freedom of press, democracy, ethics, journalism, media, report, journal, print This Freedom Forum journal covers emerging news from Africa, such as the media coverage of the elections in Ghana, lamentations and protestations by the media with regards to their lack of freedom, steps in technological progress and democratization in Africa etc. FFFAC Press Power and Politics Africa [EN].pdf

Article: FFFAC Press power and Politics in Europe

Keywords: Europe, English, press, politics, report, journalism, media, print This Freedom Forum Journal covers stories related to press power and politics in Europe. FFFAC Press, Power and Politics Europe [EN].pdf

Article: FFFAC Press Power and Politics in Latin America

Keywords: South America, English, journalism, politics, news, media, report, newspaper, print This Freedom Forum Journal covers stories related to press power and politics in Latin America. Presidential election coverage, media manipulation, free press, government threats, education in journalism, internet reporting, fraud. FFFAC Press Power and Politics Latin America [EN].pdf

Article: FIDH Recommendations on Human Rights Egypt

Keywords: Africa & Middle East, Egypt, English, diversity, human rights, media ethics & diversity, politics, report, indicator, resource for media & NGOs, print In view of the EU-Egypt Association Council to be held on the 27th of April 2009 and on the eve of the 2009 ENP Action plan's release, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) calls upon the EU to echo its deep concern about the deterioration of the human rights situation in Egypt since the adoption of the ENP action plan in March 2007. FIDH is particularly concerned by the existing gap between the official commitments taken by the Egyptian Government in the ENP Action plan and the lack of concrete improvements on the ground. The Egyptian government has not demonstrated its political will to implement jointly agreed priorities.  FIDH Human Rights Egypt [EN].pdf     

Article: Fighting racism through freedom of expression

Keywords: Diversity in general, all Europe, speech, miscellaneous, freedom of expression & diversity, media ethics & diversity, hate speech, human rights, English, resource for Academics, NGO Speech by Dr. Agnes Callamard - Executive Director for Article 19, on the occasion of the ECRI expert seminar on “Combating racism “while” respecting freedom of expression. For more information visit:  

Article: Finnish Institute on Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Press Coverage

Keywords: International, Europe, English, diversity in general, journalism, media coverage, refugee crisis, content analysis, asylum seekers, research In Finnish, British and Belgian media coverage of the refugee crisis, asylum seeker and refugee are the most frequently recurring terms in the data, a study by the Finnish Institute in London and the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux reveals. All the newspapers report on questions relating to refugees and asylum seekers mostly in a neutral tone, striving for objectivity. The point of view of all of the newspapers is eurocentric. The voices of the refugees and asylum seekers are heard less often than that those of authorities, politicians and experts. In the British newspapers, a particularly high amount of coverage was devoted on the asylum seekers’ journey to Europe. Negative viewpoints towards immigration are heard as well, counter-balanced by the writers’ own comments and commentaries by guest writers.  

Article: Foreign woman and Dutch glossies; friends or strangers? / Allochtone vrouwen & glossies: vriendinnen of vreemden? (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, Dutch, youth, ethnicity, gender, media ethic and diversity, reports/study, print [EN] To what degree do the teenage and woman magazines meet the wishes of foreign readers and how big is the need for a magazine just this target group? The Netherlands has a multicultural society and the media should reflect this diversity in culture as well. Unfortunately this if not the case. How do Moroccan and Turkish youth think about the current Dutch glossies and the rise of foreign magazine?

Article: FRA EU - Anti-Semitism – Summary overview of the situation in the EU 2001-2008

Keywords: All Europe, English, anti-semitism, discrimination, religion & belief, EU, report, indicator, media ethics & diversity, hate speech, resource for all, print The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights presents its 5th brief update of its 2004 report “Manifestations of anti-Semitism in the EU”. The overview contains the latest governmental and non-governmental statistical data covering 2001 to 2008 for those EU Member States that have official or unofficial data and statistics on anti-Semitic incidents. The Agency collects regularly publicly available official and unofficial data and information on racism and xenophobia in the EU Member States through its Racism and Xenophobia Network (RAXEN) with a special focus on anti-Semitism.  FRA EU Antisemitism 01-08 [EN].pdf  


Article: FRA EU - London Bomb attacks on Muslim communities

 Keywords: Western Europe, England, London, English, French, German, media ethics & diversity, social diversity models, ethnicity, religion & belief, Islam, resource for all, print The real test will be whether this initial encouraging response translates into effective long-term action that addresses the wider questions posed in the aftermath of the London events. In this report it has been analysed issue as: of how to strengthen cohesion and integration in the diverse European societies, and how to counter marginalisation and discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion or belief? Political leaders, the institutions, and also the media, have a particular responsibility to provide answers to this question.  FRA EU London bomb attacks on muslim communities and the Media [DE].pdf  FRA EU London bomb attacks on Muslim communities and the Media [EN].pdf  FRA EU London bomb attacks on muslim communities and the Media [FR].pdf    

Article: FRA EU - Racial Discrimination and Promoting Equality in the EU - Trends and Developments 97-05

Keywords: All Europe, English, French, Racism, Discrimination, diversity, EU, report, indicator, media ethics & diversity, resource for academics & NGOs, print This report on trends and development in selected fields of racism and racial discrimination is the first publication under the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union (FRA). In reading this report you will find many things that highlight the scale of the challenge that remains. Equally I hope that you will leave its pages with a sense that action by governments, international institutions, civil society and EU citizens can have a positive effect, can change long held attitudes of prejudice and suspicion and, finally, can triumph over the ignorance and fear that feed racism.  FRA EU Racial Discrimination and Equality [EN].pdf  FRA EU Racial Discrimination and Equality [FR].pdf

Article: FRA: Diversity Toolkit Media

Keywords: International, Europe, [EN], handbook, visual, TV, television, broadcasting, radio, diversity in general, ethnicity, race, guide, media diversity, education, ethnicity, minorities, EU, social diversity models, resources for all Over the past ten years, a number of European public service broadcasting professionals working specifically with and for cultural and ethnic minorities, have been meeting regularly under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union’s Intercultural and Diversity Group (IDG). They have exchanged experiences and co-produced joint programmes. This Diversity Toolkit brings together the collective knowledge of these TV professionals. It concerns public broadcasters in general and news- and information programmes especially.  FRA EU Diversity Toolkit Media [EN].pdf  FRA EU Diversity Toolkit Media 2 [EN].pdf  FRA EU Media Diversity Guide [FR].pdf  FRA EU Television Diversity Guide [FR].pdf    

Article: FRA: Football vs Intolerance

Keywords: International, All Europe, English, sport, football, intolerance, discrimination, racism, diversity, report, indicator, education, EU, media ethics & diversity, resource for all, print Equal Voices 24: this edition of the magazine "Equal Voices" is a special edition on "football versus intolerance", which brings together perspectives from professional players, UEFA president Platini and European politicians, on how football can win the match against racism and other forms of intolerance.  FRA EU Football vs Intolerance [EN].pdf  


Article: FRA: Learning from Diversity

Keywords: All Europe, English, diversity, education, report, indicator, EU, intercultural dialogue, media ethics & diversity, resource for all, print The new edition of FRA's magazine deals with intercultural dialogue as a way to reap the benefits of diversity. The importance of intercultural dialogue was formally recognised by the EU in May 2007 when it was adopted as one of the three objectives in the first ever European Agenda for Culture. Following this, 2008 has been declared the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue "to promote intercultural dialogue as a tool that will equip Europeans to deal with the sweeping changes in their cultural environment", as European Commissioner Ján Figel says in this Equal Voices issue.  FRA EU Learning from Diversity [EN].pdf  


Article: Free Press In Kenya

Keywords: International, Africa, Kenya, English, guide, reporting, conflict, responsible, ethics, resources for media, all media formats This handbook in conflict sensitive journalism – special edition Kenya – is part of IMS’ response to the needs expressed during this first and following assessment missions to Kenya. The handbook is designed to be a practical everyday guide, which seeks to contribute to the theoretical refinement and practical realization of conflict sensitive journalism as a tool for usage by Kenyan media practitioners covering the conflict.   Free Press in Kenya [EN].pdf    

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