Theme: Media Ethics (Resources)

Article: Free Press, Ethics and Practices of Journalism in Morocco (only in French)

Keywords: Africa, North Africa, Morocco, French, media, free press, ethics, practices, study, report This statistical study run by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung FESMAROC Foundation is intended to help maintain and support all efforts being made in and around Morocco in liberalizing the press and using it as an effective tool for social progress. What conditions must be guaranteed to enable Moroccan journalists to accomplish their mission? What are the effective conditions in which the majority of Moroccan journalists work in today?  Free Press, Ethics and Practices of Journalism in Morocco [FR].pdf  

Article: Freedom of press and racial discrimination: “Tuning in to Diversity”

Keywords: Western Europe, Italy, Italian, law, discrimination, diversity, ethnicity, ethic, freedom of press, print Review about freedom of press and racial discrimination’s laws, and analysis about the role of the ethical codes in Italy. Freedom of press and racial discrimination_ Tuning in to Diversity[IT].pdf

Article: Frightening foreigners; the media and hostility towards immigrants

Keywords: Western Europe, English, refugees & migrants, media ethics and diversity, ethnicity/national identity, study/report, print This study investigates the effect of news media coverage and exposure on hostility toward immigrants, next to the influence of situational and personality factors. The Right Shock model suggests that the experience of an external shock to society, such as an increase in number of immigrants, or an economic downturn, directly influences the level of hostility.

Article: Gay anger at 'offensive' holiday adverts

Keywords: Western Europe, English, sexuality, media article, online, print Two British newspapers have come under fire for running frontpage luxury holiday advertisements that gay rights campaigners say are discriminatory. The adverts, which appeared in The Times and The Daily Telegraph, are for luxury all-inclusive Caribbean holidays for "couples in love".


Article: Gaza - Israeli & Palestinian Sources in the UK Press

Keywords: Conflict, religion & belief, UK, Middle East & North Africa, report, conflict, [EN], print, TV, online, media Throughout the reporting by Arab Media Watch of the Gaza conflict in the British press, the division of sources, and words devoted to sources, on either side demonstrated a greater disproportion between the Palestinian sources and those Israeli.   Gaza - Israeli & Palestinian Sources in the UK Press [EN].pdf

Article: Gedeeld Land: Het multiculturele ongemak van Nederland/ Shared country; the multicultural discomfort of the Netherlands

Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, multiculturalism, report/study, online [EN] A hysterical debate about the multicultural society is held in The Netherlands. The boundaries of the democratic debate are exceeded regularly. The right wing politicians seem to benefit from this but the more central and left wing politicians do not seem to do anything about it out of fear of losing voters. Jean Tillie gives an overview of the developments in the debate on the multicultural society. He analyses the contributions of politicians and newspapers to the discussion and comes with a solution for the Netherlands to get out of this ‘hysterical’ phase.

Article: Gender in Media Training: A Southern African Tool Kit (15 Files)

Keywords: Sub-Saharan Africa, English, guidebook, gender, journalism, media diversity. Gender Links, in partnership with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism, has released a new tool kit for Southern African media trainers on mainstreaming gender in the media. (Gender Links) SADCGMT PT1 Contents Overview.pdf SADCGMT PT1 chap1.pdf SADCGMT PT1 chap2.pdf SADCGMT PT1 chap3.pdf SADCGMT PT1 chap4.pdf SADCGMT PT1 chap5.pdf SADCGMT PT2 chap6.pdf SADCGMT PT2 chap7.pdf SADCGMT PT2 chap8.pdf SADCGMT PT2 chap9.pdf SADCGMT PT2 chap10.pdf SADCGMT PT2 chap11.pdf SADCGMT PT2 chap12.pdf SADCGMT PT3.pdf SADCGMT PT4 Glossary.pdf   To place an order, send an e mail to; or phone 27 (0) 11 622 2877 or fax 27 (0) 11 622 4732. For more information, visit:


Article: Getting the Balance Right

Keywords: International, English, French, Spanish, gender, employment, booklet One of the greatest challenges facing journalists, both men and women, is to resist the culture of casual stereotype in our everyday work. To tackle this issue, International Federation of Journalists has released the booklet "Getting the Balance Right. Gender Equality in Journalism". The booklet sets out the current status of women media professionals, the level and areas of inequality and measures that are used to address them.  It examines media performance in portrayal of women and reinforcing or breaking down existing stereotypes. It also defines the role unions, professional organisations and union activists can play in promoting equality and ensuring women are properly represented in their decision making bodies. Getting the Balance Right. Gender Equality in Journalism (English) Getting the Balance Right. Gender Equality in Journalism (French) Getting the Balance Right. Gender Equality in Journalism (Spanish)  

Article: Going back to create new roots (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, Dutch, ethnicity and national identity, youth, religion and belief, study/report, print [EN] A study done to find out how Hindu and Buddhist youth use the media to give meaning to the search to their roots. There has been looked at how the identity of Hindu and Buddhist youth is defined and how they use the media with this.

Article: Guide Blogging

Keywords: International, French, blogging, blog, technology, guide, ethics, journalism, resources for NGOs, resources for media, on line, internet, civil society organizations This guide assembles advice and technical tricks for users to create their own blog in good condition. It lays emphasis on the free character of each blog, and its search for freedom of expression and credibility, towards a viable source of information. A section devoted to ethics will serve as one of the first of its kinds in relation to blogging. Guide Blogging [FR].pdf

Article: Guidelines for countering racial, ethnic and religious profiling

Keywords: International, English, guide, ethics, media, religion, race & ethnicity. Guidelines for countering racial, ethnic and religious profiling in coverage of the war on terrorism, from the US Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). The SPJ urges journalists to use language that is informative and not inflammatory; to portray Muslims, Arabs and Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans in a way that reflects the richness of their diverse experiences; and to seek truth through a variety of voices and perspectives. (SPJ) Guidelines for countering racial, ethnic and religious profiling [EN].doc  

Article: Guidelines for Journalists Covering Conflict

Keywords: International, English, guide, conflict, media. Journalists intervene in conflict - and in a sense mediate conflict - whether they intend to or not. Working with local and international conflict resolution practitioners, we've been developing a new approach to journalism which in many ways strengthens what journalists already do, and raises their awareness about the impact of their reportage..... (Conflict Management Group, 1994 / RD Manual, 1997) Guidelines for Journalists Covering Conflict [EN].doc  

Article: Guidelines for writing about disabled people

Keywords: International, Western Europe, English, guidelines, guide, disabilities, media. The Social Model of Disability is used by the majority of organisations OF disabled people. We believe that it is society's physical, sensory, attitudinal and behavioural barriers which make us disabled, it is not our particular conditions or impairments. Society has also chosen language which is not what those of us in the Disability Movement would generally use. The guidelines in this factsheet will help you to make better choices in terms of language and portrayal of disabled people. Greater London Action on Disability (GLAD) group. Guidelines for writing about disabled people [EN].doc


Article: Handicap through the TV / L'handicap in TV (only in Italian)

Keywords: Italy, Italian, disabled people, TV, media, representation, CDH, Centro Documentazione Handicap It’s a long article published by the CDH (Centro Documentazione Handicap) and the HP association, about the representation of disabled people in the Italian TV.


Article: Hate Speech in the Media and Internet in Kyrgyzstan

Keywords: Kyrgyzstan, English, hate speech, media monitoring, media anlysis, print, online, ethnic groups, xenophobia, study, report This study aimed at better understanding whether and how local print, online and social media in Kyrgyzstan portray ethnic groups and whether the media outlets contribute to xenophobic stereotypes and discriminatory discourse. The report, published on March 2014, presents the results of content analysis of print and online media regarding hate speech in 5 regions of the country; Chui, Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken and Bishkek. The report has been prepared by the team of School of Peacemaking and Media Technology in Central Asia, a Kyrgyzstan media development organization focusing on advocacy, research and training on media issues. Hate Speech in the Media and Internet in Kyrgyzstan [EN]

Article: Hate Speech: A 5 Point Test For Journalists

Keywords: International, English, hate speech, journalism, test, guidelines, ethics, all media formats, latest resources Ethical Journalism Network (EJN) published a five point test for journalists to help them identify hate speech and to understand better the possible impact of its dissemination. The test challenges journalists to think about the status of the speaker, the reach and the objectives of the speech, the content and form of the speech as well as the social, economic and political climate before they decide whether a quotation can be characterised as hate speech. The moto of the campaign of EJN "Turning the Page of Hate in Media", part of which is the test, is "Don't Sensationalise. Avoid the Rush to Publish. Take a Moment of Reflection.". Hate-Speech: A Five-Point Test for Journalists [EN]


Article: High Percentage Tips for Scoring a Great Interview

Keywords: International, media ethics & diversity, English, guide, training/education materials A great point by point list of things to know when looking for or preparing an interview. High percentage Tips for Scoring a Great Interview.doc

Article: How are we looking?

Keyword: International, Western Europe, English, disabilities, health, article, media diversity, print This long article by the newspaper The Guardian shows the issue about the low visibilityof disabled people on television dramas or documentaries, not to mention seen in advertising campaigns. Disability advocates argue that they should be seen both in front of, and behind, the camera. How are we looking [EN].doc  


Article: How can the media be more gender sensitive?

Keywords: International, English, guidelines, gender, media ethics & diversity Tips from the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre for more gender sensitive coverage, with a focus on coverage of violence against women. How can the media be more gender sensitive [EN].doc

Article: How Gay Friendly is the Hungarian Media?

Keywords: Eastern Europe, English, media diversity, sexuality, report, article For a long time, the media in Hungary considered homosexuality non-existent, placing it out of sight and not covering it at all. The first changes were heralded by the official formation of the first association for gays two years before the political changes of 1989.

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