Theme: Media Ethics (Resources)

Article: How inclusive is your coverage?

Keywords: International, English, general diversity, media, guidebook, handbook, guide, gender, ethnicity & race, ethics. The Maynard Institute's 'Reality Checks' kit provides tools for measuring and discussing how accurately the news reflects the realities of America's multicultural society. The kit provides tools for an analysis of both your community's characteristics and your local newspaper content through the prism of the fault lines of race, gender, class, generation and geography. The purpose is to help journalists make news coverage more inclusive and representative of their communities. How inclusive is your coverage [EN].pdf  


Article: How regional newspapers report on migrants / Wie regionale Tageszeitungen über Migranten berichten. Das Beispiel Thüringen (only in German)

Keywords: Western Europe, Germany, German, ethnicity, race, national identity, immigration,  social diversity models, journalism, migration, media ethics & diversity, study, resource for academics, training, print, online This study analyzes migration thematic articles, which in the years 1995 to 1999 in the Thuringian four main daily newspapers are published. Content crystallize various topics such as dual citizenship, right-wing extremism and xenophobia, as well as illegal employment and crime, about the different weightings reported. It also examines the nationalities in the Articles and how they are evaluated.  How regional newspapers report on migrants [DE].pdf  

Article: How the Australian Media Report on Suicide and Mental Health

Keywords: Australia, English, disabilities, health, study, report, print A summary of a major Australian study, commissioned by the Department of Health, that examined the way the media report and portray suicide and mental health and illness. It focuses on the extent and nature of coverage, rather than the impact of media reports. How the Australian Media Report on Suicide and Mental Health [EN].pdf  

Article: How the Media views Immigration and Transmits Diversity / Como miran los medios la inmigración y transmiten la diversidad (only in Spanish)

Keywords: Western Europe, Spain, Spanish, diversity, migrants, ethnicity, race & national identity, study, media ethics & diversity, resource for academics and trainers, print, online This study shows certain information ligaments between treatment and projection of diversity, using some results of investigations carried out from the Center for Migration and Communication of the UAB, MIGRACOM ( Tracks are qualified to enter the quantitative different reality from different points of view, derived from the production, transmission and receipt of messages with the aim of finding answers to questions such as what model or models of social and cultural diversity means being transmitted from that ‘multipolar’ Eurocentric look? Is this how the power of communication active or are germinating new racist attempt to portray the reality that which, starting from the realistic arrival of some migrants in small boats?  How the Media vews Immigration and Transmits Diversity [ES].pdf

Article: How to Conduct a Gender Survey of Your Local Newspaper

Keywords: International, English, gender, good practise, media, ethics, guide The US-based Center for Media Literacy says that a little time and a set of four color highlighter pens are all you need to evaluate your local paper's treatment of female reporters and newsmakers. How to conduct a gender survey of your local newspaper [EN].doc  


Article: Hue and Cry on 'Whiteness Studies'

Keywords: International, North America, USA, English, race & ethnicity, media content, social diversity models, initiatives/models, training/education materials 'Whiteness studies' is a new and controversial academic field that seeks to change how white people think about race. The field is based on a left-leaning interpretation of history by scholars who say the concept of race was created by a rich white European and American elite,

Article: Images of women – constructions of the other sex / Frauenbilder: Konstruktionen des anderen Geschlechts (only in German)

Keywords: Western Europe, Germany, German, gender, media ethics & diversity, report, study, resource for all, print, online This report briefly describes the background and objectives of the "so-called second Frauenbewegung" of the sixties and seventies, from the recent research showing gender. Using some examples from the television program for children and r from advertising, it shows to what extent and by what means in the media stereotypes of gender roles is being transported.  Images of Women- constructions of the other sex [DE].pdf  

Article: Immigrants use of the Media / Migrantenfamilien nutzen Medien (only in German)

Keywords: Western, Europe, Germany, German, diversity, immigrants, migration, media ethics & diversity, study, online article, education, resource for all, print, online In this paper, selected results of an expertise on the "media use in families with a migration background" shown. It concerns the question of differences in the media and dealing with media, media education in families with an immigrant background and the importance of media. Moreover, the first consequences of which, for the media-pedagogical work with migrants revealed.  Immigrants use of the Media [DE].pdf  

Article: Immigration: the contemporary Slavery / Inmigración la nueva esclavidad (only in Spanish)

Keywords: Western Europe, Spain, Spanish, study, migrants, media ethics & diversity, education, integration, social diversity models, resource for all, print This study analyzes racism towards immigrants, with persistent help from the media, that continues to depict stereotypes and myths that help create a fixed symbolic image of the immigrant who has an instinctive drive towards social exclusion.  Immigration, contemporary Slavery and the Media [ES].pdf

Article: Implacable Adversaries: Arab Governments and the Internet

Keywords: International, English, Arabic, diversity, freedom of press, report, internet, online A report prepared by Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRInfo) about the freedom of internet use in the Arab world. It covers 18 Arab countries providing an overview of how the governments in the Arab world deal with Internet.  It emphasises conflict between freedom of expression and regulative efforts by the governments.  

Article: Increasing and improving portrayal of people with disabilities in the media

Keywords: All Europe, English, disability, manual, guide, TV, television, EU, public broadcaster, print & online A report about a project for improving portrayal of people with disabilities in the media, implemented by Broadcasting and Creative Industries Disability Network and NGOs in 2007. The publication gives general information about this European project.

Article: Independent Study on Indicators for media Pluralism in the EU

Keywords: All Europe, English, pluralism, media diversity, EU, study, journalism, ethics, print The present study forms part of the European Commission’s three-step approach for advancing the debate on media pluralism within the European Union. The approach was launched in January 2007 with a Commission Staff Working Paper and is planned to result in a Commission Communication on media pluralism at the end of 2009.

Article: Influence of media on the religious experience of Muslim-youth after the murder of Theo van Gogh / De invloed van de media op de religieuze believing van moslimjongeren in Nederland na de moord op Theo van Gogh (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, Dutch, diversity, religion and belief, youth, report/study, print [EN] This research focuses on the influence of the media on the religious experience of Muslim-youth in the Netherlands especially after the murder on Theo van Gogh. There has been looked at the way that news coverage on Muslims and the Islam played a role in the behaviour of Muslim youth. One of the results was that almost 90 percent feels disappointed, insulted and discriminated by the media coverage about Muslims.

Article: Intensify or align? / Verscherpen of verbinden? (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, resources for all, media ethics and diversity, multiculturalism, intervention, print. [DU] Debat over de rol van media en opinieleiders in de multiculturele samenleving [EN] Debate about the role of the media and opinion leaders in the multicultural society   Intensify or align.doc    

Article: Interviewing People With Disabilities

Keywords: International, English, guidelines, disabilities, media. Interview tips for journalists from the US-based National Center on Disability and Journalism. Interviewing People With Disabilities [EN].doc  


Article: Interviewing People With Disabilities

Keywords: International, guide, health, media ethics, resources for media/trainers, education Interview tips for journalists from the US-based National Center on Disability and Journalism. (National Center on Disability & Journalism) Interviewing People With Disabilities [EN].doc

Article: IRR's European Race Bulletin

Keywords: International, English, ethnicity & race, media, study report. A digest on the rise of racism and fascism in Europe collate and summarises news reports from papers, magazines, NGOs and campaigns in every European country. The Bulletin, published by the UK Institute for Race Relations, provides a rare opportunity for understanding domestic race policy in the context of European harmonisation. It is essential reading for students, academics, researchers, campaigners, policy makers, educationalists, lawyers and all those concerned about racism, fascism and democracy around Europe. (IRR). IRR's European Race Bulletin [EN].doc

Article: Islam in the Media / Der Islam der Medien (only in German)

Keywords: Western Europe, Germany, German, Islam, religion & belief, diversity, media ethics & diversity, study, online article, journalism, education, resource for all, print, online Recent and less recent events seem to prove that Islam is dangerous. The author shows in this article, as certain media techniques, eg Sinn Induktionspänomene, such stereotypes can create and solidify. The media analysis can be an important contribution to this effort, with this secondary set of critical picture deal, and so in relation to Islam and Muslims, but also on other issues more distance on the media content to obtain.  Islam in the Media [DE].pdf  

Article: Israeli Media Coverage of killing of Palestinians

Keywords: Middle East, English, report, study, conflict & war, ethnicity & race The research by Keshev, Jerusalem based NGO, investigates media coverage of the events in December 2005, when,  according to the major media outlets in Israel , 22 Palestinians were killed. In the framework of this study, Keshev examined all relevant items in the daily editions of the three major newspapers, Ha'aretz , Yedioth Ahronoth and Ma'ariv , and the nightly television newscasts on Channels 1, 2 and 10.  A total of 135 items were examined. (KESHEV) Israeli Media Coverage of killing of Palestinians [EN].doc

Article: ITV News Coverage of the Arab World

Keywords: Diversity, UK, US, English, Middle East & North Africa, study, media ethic & diversity, study, social diversity models, TV, print Over a three-month period, Arab Media Watch taped, transcribed and analysed the ITV news at 6.30pm, which is its news broadcast with the highest viewing figures, according to the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board. ITV News Coverage of the Arab World [EN].pdf

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