Theme: Media Ethics (Resources)

Article: [DU] Debat over de rol van media en opinieleiders in de multiculturele samenleving

Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, refugees & migrants, other web resource, media ethics and diversity, resource for all, print [DU] Hoe is het gesteld met de positie van vluchtelingen in de media? En welke mogelijkheden zijn er om een grotere inbreng van vluchtelingen in de media te krijgen? VON en Mira Media organiseerden daarover op 18 juni een werkconferentie. Aanzet tot discussie werd gegeven door journalist en communicatieadviseur Frank Siddiqui, de uit Engeland afkomstige Terry Williams en Arnob Chakrabarty van On File.  [EN] What is the current situation of refugees in the media? An analysis on the situation a few years ago till now plus tips and suggestions for refugees that would like to become active in the media.    

Article: “It ain't just paint:” Ageing and the Media

Keywords: North America, USA, English, age, media, article. From the Longevity Report, a US syndicated newspaper column on issues for people 40 and over, this article reviews the negative press the elderly receive in the US, and examines the reluctance of radio stations and advertisers to acknowledge older consumers, even when these are the people statistics say they should be targeting. It Ain't Just Paint - Ageing and the Media [EN].doc

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