Theme: Media Ethics (Resources)

Article: Covering Conflict: How the News Media Handles Ethnic Controversy

Keywords: International, English, media, conflict, ethnicity & race, religion & ethics, reporting. News gathering is a highly imperfect art, writes Ira Rifkin. Problems with basic facts, not to mention nuances, are common. But when you are talking about conflicts that are at their root racial, ethnic or religious, the stakes are higher. This is the stuff riots, wars and deep-seated prejudices are made of, and the news media has an even greater responsibility than it normally does to get it right. (by Ira Rifkin - CML 2002) Covering Conflict - how the news media handles ethnic controversy [EN].doc  

Article: Covering Diversity: A Resource and Training Manual for African Journalists

Keywords: Africa, manual, media ethics & diversity, training material, resources for media/trainers Prepared by The Panos Institute, The Independent Journalism Centre (Lagos), and our partner organisation the Centre for War, Peace and the News Media at New York University, 2000. Covering Diversity- A Resource and Training Manual for African Journalists .pdf

Article: CREAM - CREAtive and practical Media education activities

Keywords: European, English, projects & initiatives, media ethics and diversity, youth, online CREAM stands for CREAtive and practical Media education activities. The project consists of various media education activities and career orientation events for young people carried out in co-operation with the media industry. Together, these activities and events offer students the opportunity to experience work within the media and encourage them to choose studies which prepare them for a career in the media. The activities and events especially aim to interest young people from ethnic minority communities in media careers, as minorities are still underrepresented in media professions. During the project, partners in CREAM learn from each other experiences. They also develop intercultural methodologies and structures for guidance and counselling with the aim of introducing more students of ethnic minorities into media professions. CREAM - CREAtive and practical Media education activities [EN].pdf  

Article: Cultural diversity and common culture in audiovisual / Diversité culturelle et culture commune dans l’audioviduel (only in French)

Keywords: Western Europe, France, French, media, diversity in general, paper, all themes, resources for academics, print This is a French paper by the High Commission of Integration to the Prime Minister, following his demand for advice on cultural diversity and common culture in audiovisual. This paper formulates the reply to his query. Cultural Diversity and Common Culture in Audiovisual [FR].doc

Article: Cultural Diversity and Global Media, The Mediation of Difference, the book written by Eugenia Siapera

“Cultural Diversity and Global Media”, written by Eugenia Siapera, explores the relationship between  the media and multiculturalism. Maintaining that the media actively shapes and constructs understandings of cultural difference, rather than reflecting debates on cultural diversity, Eugenia Siapera argues that we must look to the media in order to understand cultural  diversity and its position in society. The interesting book offers an specific perspective and also it does: -Summarises and critically discusses current approaches to multiculturalism and the media from a global perspective -Explores both the theoretical debates and empirical findings on multiculturalism and the media. -Explores media production, representation, and consumption, incorporating arguments on their shifting roles and boundaries -Examines separately the role of the internet, which is linked to many changes in patterns of media production, representation, and to increased possibilities for diasporic and transnational communication -Contains pedagogical features to help understanding and engagement with the material, and draws upon an extensive bibliography Eugenia Siapera is lecturer in Media and Communications at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She is the editor (with Lincoln Dahlberg) of Radical Democracy and the Internet (2007) and (with Joss Hands) At the Interface (2004).    

Article: Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion in Media / Diversité culturelle et culture commune dans l'audiovisuel (only in French)

Keywords: Western Europe, France, French, migrants, integration, social diversity models, media ethics & diversity, study, resource for all, print This study produced by FASILD is an overview of the current programs and ideas being worked on in France at present. It shows what progress has been made and what progress can be made towards a society that fully integrates populations issued from immigration.  Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion in Media [FR].pdf  

Article: Cultural Diversity as seen by Artists

Keywords: International, Western Europe, French, diversity in general, cultural diversity, multiculturalism, artists, art, round table, all themes, resource for media, academics and NGOs The roundtable discussion brought together a cacophony of artists from all over: writers, musicians, painters, photographers, cinematographers, stylists and theatre directors - Henri Lopes (Congo), Chico Bouchikhi (Morocco), Ricardo Mosner (Argentina), Patrick De Wilde (France), Maître Fan Zeng (China), Rachid Benhadj (Algeria), Sakina M’sa (Comores) and La Lupa (Suisse). Axel Khan, expert in genetic and specialist of ethical questions gave his opinion of cultural diversity in relation to biodiversity. The debate was animated by Gora Patel, director of radio RFO.  Cultural Diversity as seen by Artists [FR].pdf

Article: Cultural Diversity within the Dutch Public Channels? / Visitatie Publieke Omroep: de multiculturele samenleving weerspiegeld? (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, study, cultural diversity, TV, public channels, multicultural society [EN] This report gives an overview of the current situation of the cultural diversity within the Dutch public channels. One of the outcomes of the study concluded that immigrants were not reached enough. Mira Media has put together several reports about how the Dutch public channels display the multicultural society in The Netherlands.

Article: Darfur in the Media - From Crisis to Context

Keywords: Ethnicity, race & national identity, UK, Africa, report, media ethic & diversity, human rights, English, print, TV, online, media This report offers a critique of coverage of Darfur in the mainstream British press, highlighting common areas where mistakes have occurred, but also areas where reporting has been insufficient or absent.

Article: Deadline for Health: The Media's Response to Covering HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria in Africa

Keywords: Sub-Saharan Africa, English, report, study, disabilities, health, gender & sexuality, media A study of health reporting in Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi and Senegal, by the African Women's Media Center (AWMC), with a focus on the media's response to covering HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. It used a combination of personal interviews, focus groups (with the media, government officials and NGOs) and analysis of newspapers. More than 25 million people Africans live with HIV/AIDS, while 90 percent of all deaths from malaria are in Africa. Timely, accurate and responsible information is a key to managing, living with and conquering these diseases, says the AWMC. The media has a central role to play in this. Deadline for Health - The Media's Response to Covering HIV-AIDS - TB and Malaria in Africa [EN].pdf

Article: Defence Handbook for Journalists and Bloggers

Keywords: International, English, journalism, bloggers, defence, law, regulations, privacy, freedom of expression, security, restrictions, prosecution, Thompson Reuters Foundation, Reporters without Borders, Paul Hastings, all media formats, resources for media The Defence Handbook for Journalists and Bloggers focuses specifically on the application of international legal principles to the work of journalists. It includes decisions and recommendations made by international and regional bodies and courts in relation to various aspects of freedom of speech, including: international sources of law giving rise to freedom of expression and freedom of information principles; defamation; the right to privacy; protection of public order and morality; and national security and state secrets.

Article: Delinquent Immigrants – a media creation / Inmigrantes delincuentes: una creación mediática (only in Spanish)

Keywords: Western Europe, Spain, Spanish, diversity, migrants, journalism, study, media ethics & diversity, hate speech, social diversity models, resource for academics, trainers & media, print This Spanish studies various newspaper articles and reviews the general situation of the depiction of immigrants in Spain.  Delinquent Immigrants - a Media Fabrication [ES].pdf

Article: Delving into the Divide: A Study of Race Reporting in Forty-Five U.S. Newsrooms

Keywords: North America, USA, English, race & ethnicity, media diversity, media ethics, study report. (PEW Center for Civic Journalism) For more information, visit:

Article: Depictions of people with disabilities in the British media

Keywords: Western Europe, English, disabilities, media, social diversity models, article In this long article, Ashwin Bulsara argues that media's portrayal of disable people in the United Kingdom has a long history of oppressive and negative representation. Disable people have been presented as socially flawed able-bodied people rather than as disabled people with their own identity. Depictions of people with disabilities in the British media [EN].doc

Article: Digital Photo Manipulations and Ethics / Digitale Bildmanipulation und Ethik. Aktuelle Tendenzen im Fotojournalismus (only in German)

Keywords: International, Western Europe, Germany, German, diversity, media content/photography, report, media ethics & ethics, technology, resource for all, print This document discusses and reviews the historic changes in the discipline of photography and its place in journalism. The rapid use and availability of editing software and its implications for media ethics and responsible journalism.  Digital photo manipulations and ethics [DE].pdf

Article: Disabling imagery and the media: Media Representation of disabled people

Keywords: International, Western Europe, English, disabilities, media, study, report. This study by the British Council of Organisations of Disabled People focuses on the stereotypical portrayals in the UK media of people with disabilities, and provides recommendations to prevent these misrepresentations. One of study’s major concerns is the way charities represent the disabled, but it also examines other aspects of the media, such as books, films, television, radio and the press. (British Council of Organisations of Disabled People) Disabling Imagery and the Media [EN].pdf

Article: Diverse media and balanced imaging / Diverse media en evenwichtige beeldvorming (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Wetsern Europe, Belgium/Flanders, Dutch, media ethics and diversity, study, print [EN] To break through clichés that are known about ethnic minorities it is important to let minorities create an image in the media themselves. It is important that ethnic minorities are represented in the Flemish media, they should recognize themselves in the media.

Article: Diversity (from the Poynter Institute)

Keywords: International, North America, English, media ethics and diversity, education, resource for academics, media and trainers A collection of media diversity related material from The Poynter Institute, the prestigious US-based school for journalists, future journalists, and teachers of journalism.

Article: Diversity Guide from the Maynard Institute

Keywords: North America, English, general diversity, guide, education, media. The 'Diversity Guide' of 'The Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education' in the US, offers a range of US-based programmes, awards, fellowships, events, tools and links with a media diversity focus. Diversity Guide from the Maynard Insitute [EN].doc For more information visit:

Article: Diversity of Cultural Expression / Convention sur la protection et la promotion de la diversité des expressions culturelles

Keywords: Western Europe, French, English, diversity in general, culture, document, media ethics & diversity, freedom of expression & diversity, resource for all, print This French document sets out a convention that seeks to multiply diversity and different types of cultural expression, so that individual, group and societal creativity is promoted and encouraged, and reflects theses peoples cultural identities.  Diversity of Cultural Expression [FR].pdf

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