Theme: Social Diversity Models (Resources)

Article: Refugees and Asylm Seekers: Headlines, Myths and Reality

Keywords: Western Europe, UK, English, refugees migrants, media, study report, media ethics. The UNHCR in the United Kingdom monitored the British media’s coverage of refugees and asylum seekers – and then researched the reality. It found that many headlines were a long way from reflecting the truth. (UNHCR) Refugees and Asylm Seekers - Headlines, Myths and Reality [EN].doc

Article: Refugees in the picture / Vluchtelingen in beeld (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, the Netherlands, Dutch, refugees and migrants, other web resource, media ethics and diversity. DU] Een verslag van een presentatie gehouden door Bart Top over vluchtelingen in de media [EN] A report on a presentation held by Bart Top about refugees and the media.    

Article: Refugees on Screen

Keywords: Refugees, socially disadvantaged groups, all regions, media ethic & diversity, social diversity models, English, print, visual media This report, commissioned by the Refugees Studies Centre, is a reflection on the visual image we get from the main media about the refugees, and which conclusions are derived from that. Refugees on Screen [EN].pdf

Article: RefugeesLink Project / VluchtelingenLink Project (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, refugees, media ethics and diversity, print, initiative/project [EN] A series of brochures about a Mira Media project called RefugeesLink. Media trainings for executives of refugees’ organizations and discussion meetings about communication and imaging were part of the project. The brochures contain reports from the discussion meetings but also practical tips and suggestions to improve the visibility of refugees in the media and to enlarge the public debate. [DU] 'Meedoen met de media', 'Deelnemen aan het publieke debat' en 'Beeldvorming'. Dat zijn de thema's van drie brochures die zijn gemaakt ter afsluiting van het project Vluchtelingenlink. Mira Media en Stichting Mondiale Samenleving organiseerden in dat project mediatrainingen voor kaderleden van vluchtelingenorganisaties en discussiebijeenkomsten over communicatie en beeldvorming. De brochures bevatten verslagen van de bijeenkomsten, maar ook praktische tips en suggesties om de zichtbaarheid van vluchtelingen in de media en het publieke debat te vergroten. imaging [DU].pdf participating in the public debate [DU].pdf refugees in the media [DU].pdf

Article: Report Media

Keywords: Spanish, English, Italian, intercultural media, minority media, minorities, media, report, intercultural projects, diversity This report is divided in several chapters dealing with the following subjects: intercultural media, minority media, out reach to minorities, campaign and information dissemination, truly intercultural projects. Report_Media [EN].pdf Report_media[ES].pdf Report_media[ITA].pdf

Article: Reporting Diversity – Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

Keywords: International, English, refugees migrants, manual guidebook, media diversity. The Media Diversity Institute’s “Reporting Diversity Guide” is a comprehensive manual for journalists and trainers. It includes a ‘Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons’ section which provides tips on reporting on these groups, and case studies of two articles on this theme from Britain and the United States. (MDI, 2002) Reporting Diversity – Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons [EN].pdf  

Article: Reporting poverty - a resource for journalism tutors and students, website created by Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This website brings together a range of resources to help journalism tutors, trainers and students to understand the issues and sensitivities involved in reporting poverty in the UK. It offers practical guidance and examples of how journalists have covered this complex subject in a variety of media.  

Article: Responding to bias in Swedish news media

Keywords: Western Europe, English, media article, refugee & migrants, NGO, interview Quick Response started in 1999 when a Swedish committee against racism came with an idea for an institution that could quickly respond to false information being spread in the media about immigrants.


Article: Return to Sredska

Keywords: South Eastern Europe, English, Refugees/IDPs, media content, social diversity models The first impression of a visitor entering the village of Sredska, near Prizren, is one of complete desolation: silence, burned, roofless houses with tall grass growing around them, apples and pears in the orchards that nobody picked, broken front doors and window panes, several stray dogs roaming through the main street,


Article: Romanian Journalists Find Tolerance a Hard Lesson to Learn

Keywords: South Eastern Europe, English, journalism, media ethics & diversity Like many formerly communist states in Eastern Europe, Romania has a long way to go in accepting the clash of views and opinions and in tolerating differences. "Tolerance is a hard lesson to learn," says Ion Zubascu, a journalist who participated in a seminar, "Minorities in the Mass Media," which was convened late last month at the Hotel Dorobanti. Article by Milica Pesic - The Freedom Forum, 26 Febrary, 1999.

Article: Sangatte: A case study of media coverage of asylum and refugee issues

Keywords: Western Europe, English, refugee, migrants & asylum seekers, article, media, human rights The UK-based ARTICLE 19 organisation initiated this research in order to assess the ways in which refugees and asylum seekers are represented in the UK national press and on television: the opportunities they have to communicate their stories, ideas and opinions to the media; the difficulties journalists may face in reporting on the issue and; the role of refugee organisations in facilitating contact between the media and the refugee community. Sangatte - A case study of media coverage of asylum and refugee issues [EN].doc

Article: Second Study on Diversity and Equality in the French-speaking press in Belgium

Keywords: Europe, Belgium, French, diversity, gender, equality, disability, minorities, ethics, study, survey, print, press Four years after the publication of a Study on Diversity and Equality in the French-speaking press in Belgium, the Association of Professional Journalists (AJP) disclosed new findings in 2014. The francophone press in Belgium is still largely male-dominated (82.69%) and no change has been reported since the publication of the first Study in regards to gender equality. However, the comparison between the results of the two studies shows that the number of "non-white" people in the French-speaking press in Belgium doubled in three years, from 17% in 2011 to 34% in 2014. People with disabilities representing 0.16% of the news coverage are still the most excluded social group in the French-speaking press in Belgium. The study is available in French. Study on Diversity and Equality in the French-speaking press in Belgium 2014.pdf

Article: Sexualisation: attention for ethnicity / Seksualisering: aandacht voor ethniciteit (only in Dutch)

Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, report, sexual orientation, youth, ethnicity [EN] There has been social unrest about the numerous one-sided, gender stereotyped, sexual expressions from the media and the possible negative effects on the youth. Moroccan and Turkish youth seem to form a risk; there seem to be strong connections between media-usage and the media perception of this group. Parents with a Moroccan or Turkish background do a lot of media-education, but not in a way that has a positive influence namely by criticising media footage and turning to another channel. Sex education is not something that is not discussed in these families.

Article: Shame of a Continent

Keywords: All Europe, media content, roma & travellers, conflict, social diversity models They are the forgotten people, persecuted throughout history, murdered in their hundreds of thousands by the Nazis, seen as second-class citizens in much of eastern Europe. And soon the countries that treat them worst will be our EU partners.

Article: Slovakia's beleaguered Gypsies

Keywords: Eastern Europe, Slovakia, English, roma & travellers, media content When the bell rings at the junior school in the eastern Slovakian village of Zboronovce, the Gypsy, or Roma, children go one way, the whites the other. (by Catherine Miller - BBC, Slovakia, 14 May, 2003) Slovakia's beleaguered Gypsies.doc


Article: STIMME – journal from and for minorities

Keywords: Diversity in general, children & youth, magazine, print, Italian, English, media content, disability & mental illness, older people, ethnicity & race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social diversity models The "STIMME von und für Minderheiten" (voice from and for minorities) is a magazine, published quarterly, that deals with different topics concerning minorities. With the term minority they want to include everybody who is marginalised and discriminated, whether it is for ethnical, religious, sexual, disability or social reasons. The aim is to find common interests among different groups and to establish a counter public for minorities. In doing so the "STIMME" provides information and reflections about current minority issues, mostly on an intellectual level.

Article: Struggling for Education

Keywords: South Eastern Europe, Croatia, English, Roma & travellers, media content, social diversity models The small village of Drzimurec in the Croatian region of Medjimurje spent the entire day of Sept. 9 in apprehension over what would happen at the local elementary school.


Article: Study on Salafis in Bosnia by Dr Srdjan Puhalo

Keywords: Bosnian, Bosnia and Herzegiovina, salafism, Salafis, study, reserach, media, journalism, all media formats, resources for media After spending two months with members of the Salafi movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a social psychologist Dr Srdjan Puhalo published a detailed study on salafis and salafism. He dedicated one part of the study "Salafis in Bosnia and Herzegovina" to the media portrayal of Salafis. “They are not terrorists. They are not strange or deviant. They have a specific way of living and they have their own understanding of Islam. Also, they are not a homogenous group as many Bosnian media portray them,” said Dr Puhalo in an interview with the Media Diversity Institute (MDI). Selefije u Bosni i Hercegovini

Article: Survey finds Muslims and non-Muslims share concerns on Islamic extremism

Keywords: International, English, religion & belief, Islam, extremism, study, report, resource for academics The study concerns over Islamic extremism, extensive in the West, are shared to a considerable degree by the publics in some predominantly Muslim nations - but opinions differ as to its causes. That is the finding of a survey of 17,000 people in 17 countries conducted by the Pew Global Attitudes Project. The poll also found that Muslim and non-Muslim publics have very different attitudes regarding the impact of Islam on their countries. Survey finds Muslims and non-Muslims share concerns on Islamic extremism [EN].doc

Article: Tackling the racists

Keywords: Western Europe, UK, English, article, race & ethnicity, media ethics & diversity UK journalists often choose to turn a blind eye to colleague's racism. Joy Francis explores the issue on Press Gazette. Tackling the Racists [EN].doc

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