Theme: Social Diversity Models (Resources)

Article: Television and Multiculture

Keywords: South East Europe, English, media diversity, report, study, media, religion, ethnicity & race. Multiculture in the media is a top issue all over the world, particularly generated by terrorists attacks on the United States, and it is used in the media to prevent a conflict between Islam and Christianity. In South East Europe, a multinational region with acute conflicts, coverage of these issues brings up many dilemmas, both in aim as well as content. (by Radenko Udovicic - SAFAX news agency, Media Online news column, 2001) Television and Multiculture [EN].doc

Article: The Advantages of Being Gay

Keywords: International, USA, English, sexuality, media content, print Aidan Rankin says that most homosexuals are moderates, but militants make the running, and gay politicians and entertainers now enjoy the protection of ‘victim’ status..... (by Aidan Rankin - The Spectator, 1 June, 2002) The Advantages of being Gay.doc

Article: The British mass media and the Roma

Keywords: All Europe, English, roma, ethnicity & race, media ethics & diversity, report, print Was there ever a 'tide' or a 'deluge'/'flood' of gypsies attempting an 'invasion' of Britain, as UK newspapers The Guardian, Daily Mail, and Daily Telegraph (respectively) have claimed in the past? Here, Valeriu Nicolae, deputy director of the Brussels-based European Roma Information Office, shares his lecture notes on what he calls the dehumanization of anti-gypsyism, in which he compares the headlines, the facts, the falsehoods -- and the consequences. The British Mass Media and the Roma.doc


Article: The Economic Value of Cultural Diversity: evidence from US cities

Keywords: US, English, study, cultural diversity, productivity, local amenities, economics This is a study about the effects of cultural diversity on productivity of natives in United States. The Economic Value of Cultural Diversity[EN].pdf


Article: The Effect of Media on the Stigma Towards Mental Illness

Keywords: North America, [EN], study, report, disabilities, health, media. An American study found that the majority of people there identified the mass media as their primary source of information on mental illness. The author of this article says that this is of particular concern due to the inaccuracies and misinformation associated with electronic media's portrayal of people with mental illness. (MAH) The Effect of Media on the Stigma Towards Mental Illness [EN].doc  

Article: The expression of Identity

Keywords: Rest of the world, Sri Lanka, English, national identity, cultural identity, social diversity models, conflict, resource for media and NGOs, print, online This is an article written by Sanjana Hattotuwa, Senior Researcher, CPA published in The Sunday Leader on the 22nd of March 2009. The article talks about the existing link between language and culture, and the current cultural division in Sri Lanka, due to the use of two official languages within the country: Sinhala and Tamil. These languages, explain Hattotuwa, are not mere tools of communication but they define people’s cultural categories.  The expression of identity [EN].pdf

Article: The French press on the proposed ban of religious symbols in schools

Keywords: Western Europe, France, English, religion, social diversity models, media content The French president's call for legislation to ban the wearing of religious symbols in state schools has been greeted with a mixture of cautious approval and scepticism in the press. (BBC) The French press on the proposed ban of religious symbols in schools.doc


Article: The image of the migrants and ethnic minorities through the media / L'immagine degli immigrati e delle minoranze etniche nei media (only in Italian)

Keywords: Western Europe, Italian, report, ethnic minorities, discrimination, media, media industry, image, representation This report is focused on Italian media and it talks about the image people get from the mainstream media in Italy. On this report the author questions about the need to guarantee a representation of migrants in Italy, which avoids any kind of discrimination.

Article: The Language of Hate: A Slip of the Tongue or Racism

Keywords: Eastern Europe, English, ethnicity & race, media diversity, article. Hatred of minorities and 'others' has grown noticeably in Russia in recent years, writes Sergey Lukashevskiy. This atmosphere of hatred has an effect on the way that people speak, including the way language is used in the mass media - language that has the power to control as much as disseminate ideas. (Sreda/Moscow Helsinki Committee) The Language of Hate - A Slip of the Tongue or Racism [EN].doc

Article: The Last Serb Student from Prizren

Keywords: South Eastern Europe, English, media content, conflict, social diversity models, Refugees/IDPs For one whole year Petar Petrovic, 15, was the only remaining student from Kosovo's Prizren municipality, which Serbs fled en masse after the 1999 war. Petar and his older brother Sinisa were the only children among a handful of Serbs that stayed in the village of Musnikovo.

Article: The Media Markers on Race and Ethnicity in the Balkans

Keywords: South East Europe, English, conflict, race & ethnicity, article, good practice. In the summer of 1997 I did a BBC radio programme on xenophobia in the Czech Republic. One of the people I interviewed, a minister, asked me whether there were any visible differences between Serbs and Croats. “Of course,” I said, trying to be humorous. “Just look at my nose. We Serbs have beaks, whereas Croats have those ugly snouts."... (by Milica Pesic, Rhodes  Journalism Review 20, 2001) The Media Markers on Race and Ethnicity in the Balkans [EN].doc

Article: The OSCE: Seeking ways to counter discrimination against Muslims in the media

Keywords: International, English, religion & belief, media ethics & diversity, print, visual, online The OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights is working with representatives of Muslim communities to combat Islamophobia and growing discrimination against Muslims, as, according to OSCE studies, Media have an important to play in this field. The OSCE - Seeking ways to counter discrimination against Muslims in the media [EN].doc  

Article: The Other

Keywords: International, English, minorities discrimination, diversity in general, book, print, social diversity models, peace journalism Ryszard Kapuscinski - the author of The Other - witnessed and reported major wars, coups and revolutions as they happened throughout the developing world and global South. In this distillation of his reflections accumulated from a lifetime of travel, he takes a fresh look at the Western idea of the Other: the non-European or non-American.

Article: The Outsiders: the Roma in Europe

Keywords: All Europe, English, Roma & Travellers, conflict, study/report, social diversity models, resource for NGO A selection of articles documenting the history of the Roma as well as their treatment in the Czech republic, Britain, Scandinavia and the EU as a whole. (Searchlight, April 2001) The Outsiders - the Roma in Europe.doc

Article: The people the Olympics forgot – the Roma of Ano Liossia

Keywords: South Eastern Europe, Greece, English, Roma & travellers, media content The Ano Liossia judo and wrestling stadium has brought the Olympic Games to the doorstep of Athens' Roma (Gypsy) community. But the £56m stadium, in a northern suburb of the city, stands in stark contrast to the area around it - a sun-baked expanse dotted with debris, abandoned furniture and the wrecked remnants of cars and caravan trailers.


Article: The RAM Report: campaigning for fair and accurate coverage of refugees and asylum-seekers

Keywords: International, Western Europe, UK, English, Refugees, asylum seekers, ethnicity, religion, report, print A report on MediaWise Refugees, Asylum-seekers and the Media (RAM) Project, 1999-2005 by Rich Cookson & Mike Jempson (ed.) published by The MediaWise Trust in 2005.

Article: The sobering face of diversity

Keywords: International, Western Europe, English, diversity, media, ethics. In an article published in the autumn issue of the French 'Enjeux Internationaux' journal, MDI director Milica Pesic writes that the bombing attacks on London are a good starting point for discussion on how journalists approach diversity and what the role of the media should be in mirroring diversity. (MDI) The sobering face of diversity [EN].doc

Article: The Wrong Background: Issues of Newsroom Employment

Keywords: International, North America, English, media, media diversity, employment, article, ethics, ethnicity & race, diversity. The failure of the news media to represent the cultural and ethnic diversity of our society is a failure of the society at large. It's more than a question of racism, though. It's a matter of our fundamental inability to get beyond the limitations of our own narrow viewpoints and move on to a more generous and encompassing vision of the world. An article by Alan Acosta, bureau chief for the Hartford Courant, that summarizes research he completed during 1985 for his Master's thesis in Columbia University's graduate journalism program. (by Alan Acosta - CML 2002) The wrong background - issues of newsroom employment [EN].doc  

Article: This Unfair Age Barrier

Keywords: International, English, age, good practice. The media are currently taking part in a campaign to find the employers who make the best use of the skills, enthusiasm and experience of older workers. This Unfair Age Barrier [EN].doc

Article: Tips: What a Peace Journalist Would Try to Do?

Keywords: International, [EN], guidebook, education, media ethics, peace journalism. The following notes are from Peace Journalism — How To Do It, by Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick (, written Sydney, 2000. See the two contrasting articles by Jake Lynch which illustrate some of these points. Tips What a Peace Journalist Would Try to Do [EN].doc

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