Theme: Social Diversity Models (Resources)

Article: Frightening foreigners; the media and hostility towards immigrants

Keywords: Western Europe, English, refugees & migrants, media ethics and diversity, ethnicity/national identity, study/report, print This study investigates the effect of news media coverage and exposure on hostility toward immigrants, next to the influence of situational and personality factors. The Right Shock model suggests that the experience of an external shock to society, such as an increase in number of immigrants, or an economic downturn, directly influences the level of hostility.

Article: Gay Pakistan - 'less inhibited than West'

Keywords: Pakistan, sexuality, social diversity model, media content, print Throughout South Asia, homosexuality has been a taboo subject. But there are signs in some areas that gay people are now becoming more open in their behaviour. In this column a gay man in Pakistan talks about the advantages of being gay there compared to the West. (BBC News, 2 June, 2005) Gay Pakistan.doc

Article: Gay TV launches in France in search of the pink euro

Keywords: Western Europe, English, sexuality, media article, TV, media diversity A gay television channel, PinkTV, has been launched in France with backing from three of the country's biggest mainstream channels and several well-known television stars.

Article: Gaza - Israeli & Palestinian Sources in the UK Press

Keywords: Conflict, religion & belief, UK, Middle East & North Africa, report, conflict, [EN], print, TV, online, media Throughout the reporting by Arab Media Watch of the Gaza conflict in the British press, the division of sources, and words devoted to sources, on either side demonstrated a greater disproportion between the Palestinian sources and those Israeli.   Gaza - Israeli & Palestinian Sources in the UK Press [EN].pdf

Article: Gedeeld Land: Het multiculturele ongemak van Nederland/ Shared country; the multicultural discomfort of the Netherlands

Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, multiculturalism, report/study, online [EN] A hysterical debate about the multicultural society is held in The Netherlands. The boundaries of the democratic debate are exceeded regularly. The right wing politicians seem to benefit from this but the more central and left wing politicians do not seem to do anything about it out of fear of losing voters. Jean Tillie gives an overview of the developments in the debate on the multicultural society. He analyses the contributions of politicians and newspapers to the discussion and comes with a solution for the Netherlands to get out of this ‘hysterical’ phase.

Article: Gender and displacement

Keywords: International, Afghanistan, English, Spanish, migrants, refugees, gender, indicator, guide, review, print, online Expulsiones The Forced Migration Review provides a forum for the regular exchange of practical experience, information and ideas between researchers, refugees and internally displaced people, and those who work with them. This reports talks about the phisical displacement of migrants women and it is published in English, Spanish and Arabic by the Refugee Studies Centre/University of Oxford. Gender And Displacement [EN].pdf Gender and Displacement [ES].pdf  

Article: Gender and the Information Revolution in Africa

Keywords: International, Africa, English, French, information, technology, book, gender, policy The essays in this book examine the current and potential impact of the ICT explosion in Africa. They focus specifically on gender issues and analyze the extent to which women's needs and preferences are being served. The authors underscore the need for information to be made directly relevant to the needs of rural women, whether in the areas of agriculture, health, microenterprise, or education.

Article: Georgian state TV to launch five minority language news programmes

Keywords: Eastern Europe, Caucasus, English, media diversity, media, ethnicity & race. Georgia's state TV is to introduce weekly news programmes in five minority languages - Abkhaz, Armenian, Azeri, Russian and South Ossetian - in a bid to defuse tensions and increase understanding amongst the country's ethnic groups. The programmes, due to go to air by January 2005, have been undertaken in consultation with MDI. They are part of a comprehensive redesign of the news department. (MDI) Georgian state TV to launch five minority language news programmes [EN].doc  

Article: Guidelines for Journalists Covering Conflict

Keywords: International, English, guide, conflict, media. Journalists intervene in conflict - and in a sense mediate conflict - whether they intend to or not. Working with local and international conflict resolution practitioners, we've been developing a new approach to journalism which in many ways strengthens what journalists already do, and raises their awareness about the impact of their reportage..... (Conflict Management Group, 1994 / RD Manual, 1997) Guidelines for Journalists Covering Conflict [EN].doc  

Article: Gypsies, Travellers and the media: press regulation and racism in the UK

Keywords: All Europe, article, report, roma, ethnicity & race, media ethics & diversity, resource for media, print In this paper, Rachel Morris, coordinator of the Traveller Law Research Unit at the Cardiff Law School, argues that the print media commonly represents travellers in a stereotypical and prejudicial fashion. The press argues that its negative images of travellers simply reflect public opinion.


Article: Homophobia and Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the EU Member States

Keywords: All  Europe, English, gender, discrimination, gay and lesbian, Sexual orientation, report, legislation, EU A report by EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA). The report finds that discrimination, harassment and violence against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) persons are widespread throughout the EU.

Article: How Media Companies can use Affinity Groups to Promote Diversity

Keywords: International, North America, USA, English, guide, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, diversity in general, business, indicator, media diversity, education, workshop, methodology, resources for media, all media formats The National Association of Minority Media Executives seeks to increase diversity in the senior ranks of the media industry; provide executive training and development to members, and create forums and alliances that help find solutions to critical multicultural issues in the media business.  How Media companies can use affinity grouops to promote diversity [EN].pdf  


Article: How regional newspapers report on migrants / Wie regionale Tageszeitungen über Migranten berichten. Das Beispiel Thüringen (only in German)

Keywords: Western Europe, Germany, German, ethnicity, race, national identity, immigration,  social diversity models, journalism, migration, media ethics & diversity, study, resource for academics, training, print, online This study analyzes migration thematic articles, which in the years 1995 to 1999 in the Thuringian four main daily newspapers are published. Content crystallize various topics such as dual citizenship, right-wing extremism and xenophobia, as well as illegal employment and crime, about the different weightings reported. It also examines the nationalities in the Articles and how they are evaluated.  How regional newspapers report on migrants [DE].pdf  

Article: How the Australian Media Report on Suicide and Mental Health

Keywords: Australia, English, disabilities, health, study, report, print A summary of a major Australian study, commissioned by the Department of Health, that examined the way the media report and portray suicide and mental health and illness. It focuses on the extent and nature of coverage, rather than the impact of media reports. How the Australian Media Report on Suicide and Mental Health [EN].pdf  

Article: Hue and Cry on 'Whiteness Studies'

Keywords: International, North America, USA, English, race & ethnicity, media content, social diversity models, initiatives/models, training/education materials 'Whiteness studies' is a new and controversial academic field that seeks to change how white people think about race. The field is based on a left-leaning interpretation of history by scholars who say the concept of race was created by a rich white European and American elite,

Article: Immigration and Integration / Immigration et Integration (only in French)

Keywords: Western Europe, France, French, diversity, migrants, media ethics & diversity, report, study, social diversity models, resource for academics and trainers, print This is a report from the French High Advisory Board that summarizes the public integration policy during the past 3 years, its advice on these issues (concerning work conditions for elderly migrants, cultural diversity and common culture in the media, and administrative organisation of integration policy).  Immigration et Integration [FR].pdf

Article: Immigration: the contemporary Slavery / Inmigración la nueva esclavidad (only in Spanish)

Keywords: Western Europe, Spain, Spanish, study, migrants, media ethics & diversity, education, integration, social diversity models, resource for all, print This study analyzes racism towards immigrants, with persistent help from the media, that continues to depict stereotypes and myths that help create a fixed symbolic image of the immigrant who has an instinctive drive towards social exclusion.  Immigration, contemporary Slavery and the Media [ES].pdf

Article: In the Ghetto

Keywords: Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe, Romania, English, Roma & Travellers, ghetto, media content, social diversity models The Roma of eastern Europe have persecuted for centuries. But the plans of a Romanian mayor to move the Gypsies in his town to a 'concentration camp' have caused uproar...... (by John O'Mahony - The Guardian, November 3, 2001) In the Ghetto.doc


Article: Increasing and improving portrayal of people with disabilities in the media

Keywords: All Europe, English, disability, manual, guide, TV, television, EU, public broadcaster, print & online A report about a project for improving portrayal of people with disabilities in the media, implemented by Broadcasting and Creative Industries Disability Network and NGOs in 2007. The publication gives general information about this European project.

Article: Intimate Encounters - Body Image

Keywords: International, English, disabilities, sexuality & gender, photography, media content, print, online An essay about sexuality, disability and body image: the Australian Belinda Mason-Lovering has created a unique, highly emotive series of photographic essays called Intimate Encounters, which encompass a broad range of socially taboo issues.

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