Elderly people in the Media / “Senioren“und Medien (only in German) Print

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Hans Dieter Kübler considered in this paper three different contexts in which the topic of "Ältere people and the media" is currently being discussed. Seniors are one "gray consumers' purchasing power as a target group discovered, but it is a market for young, dynamic and material well asked the elderly. The same applies to the presence of older people in the media. The "really old" appear on television do not give up, or there are stereotypes of the old bourgeois eccentric grandmother to serve. The greatest opportunities for participation on the other hand, the Internet seems to promise, because the interactivity of the medium break social isolation and an active participation in public life could allow. Indeed, the new media but still only a fraction of the seniors used. The top priority is for the majority of them still the TV.

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